What’s the Deal With the STAMP Pass?

Teens between the ages of 14 and 19 who live in Philadelphia can request a free STAMP pass here.

What is it, you ask? It’s a pretty cool program! Teens who have a STAMP pass can get into 20+ Philadelphia attractions for FREE – and one of those attractions just happens to be Laurel Hill Cemetery. Other places include the Franklin Institute, The Mutter Museum, and the Philadelphia Zoo.

But Isn’t the Cemetery Free Anyway?

There’s no charge to enter the cemetery and enjoy the grounds. What the STAMP pass gets you is a chance to take one of our “Hot Spots and Storied Plots” tours for free.

These are walking tours of the cemetery which run between 90 minutes and two hours. On the tour, one of our guides will take you around to some of our most famous monuments, and introduce you to some of our “permanent residents” with the most interesting stories.

Want to take a selfie next to the grave of the man who took the first selfie in history? You can do that here! You might also hear about some sports legends, women’s rights heroes, Civil War soldiers, and the odd ghost story or two.

Why Should I Hang Out in a Cemetery?


The better question is why shouldn’t you hang out in a cemetery? Laurel Hill is the first cemetery ever to be designated a National Historic Landmark, and for good reason. The stories contained in this place are enough to keep you interested for weeks… but we’ll only keep you here for two hours, promise!

Buried here are millionaires and paupers, criminals and victims, inventors and artists, politicians and (almost!) a princess. That’s not to mention passengers on the Titanic, a shark attack victim, an arctic explorer, and one of America’s first ballerinas. And they’re all here for you to discover.

So When Should I Come Visit?

Anytime you wish, but if you’re specifically looking for a Hot Spots tour, they happen on the second Saturday and fourth Friday of every month (and more frequently in the summer.) Take a look at our events calendar here!

Why not spend a morning doing something totally unique?


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