Psst! You Should Definitely Check Out This Twilight Summer Garden Party in the Cemetery…

Ready to put the SOUL in solstice? Come join us at The “Soulstice” (see what we did there?),  Laurel Hill’s premiere summer soiree, courtesy of the Young Friends of Laurel Hill Cemetery. Here’s everything you need to know about this amazing summer garden party in our city of the dead.

What, When, Where?

This year’s Soulstice is happening on Saturday, June 23rd. Festivities kick off at 7:00 pm, and last until 10pm. In the intervening hours, you can expect to spend an utterly enchanted evening among the stones, spirits, and stories of Laurel Hill. Bring your friends, your sweetheart, and a sense of adventure.


You’ll enter though our main gate located at 3822 Ridge Ave. and continue on towards our amazing Millionaire’s Row to party the night away.

The Music

It wouldn’t be a party without music, and this year, we’re thrilled to be joined by the all-female international jazz band, Mariposa. Led by Miriam Phyro, this band brings together women from different backgrounds and cultures through their shared love of music. Specializing in both North and South American sounds, this New York based band has kept people dancing for years.

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Beer Tasting

St. Benjamin’s Brewing is joining us for this year’s Soulstice, and will provide our revelers with a complimentary beer tasting. Based in Kensington, and inspired by Philly’s favorite founding father, Benjamin Franklin, St. Benjamin’s offers both classic and innovative brews. They pair perfectly with a moonlit night, music, and friends.

st. benjamins
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Cocktails and Refreshments

The Young Friends of Laurel Hill will provide a lovely spread of snacks and sweets to keep you going throughout the evening. To keep things lively, we will also be offering up some signature cocktails for you to enjoy. These are all included with the price of your ticket!

Soulstice prep shot

Millionaire’s Row

This year, we are hosting the Soulstice along the breathtaking Millionaire’s Row section of the cemetery. They say you can’t take it with you, but we know a few Philadelphia business tycoons who thought otherwise. Spend some time strolling among the stately mausolea and monuments belonging to families with well-known Philadelphia names like Widener, Elkins, Disston, and Baldwin.

As a special treat for the Soulstice, some of our mausoleum doors will be opened, and visitors will have the very rare chance of taking a peek inside.


Twilight Walking Tours

Of course, we always offer twilight tours in the lead-up to Halloween, but there’s something about walking among the dead in the fullness of summer which provides an entirely different experience. Don’t worry, we won’t take up your whole night. We’ve designed abbreviated walking tours to show you a few highlights, and to give you some general history. Then you can get right back to the party. We promise.


How to Dress

Cocktail attire is highly encouraged, but we will leave the final decision up to you. Although we think that the fancier you go, the more you’ll match the theme of the evening. Not to mention the amazing Instagram shots you can get when all dressed up in a cemetery.

Emma Stern

One thing we strongly recommend is comfortable footwear. While the walk from the gatehouse to Millionaire’s Row is scenic and full of gorgeous monuments and thriving trees, it’s also a bit tricky to accomplish in stilettos. For those interested in dancing, please note that the “dancefloor” in this case is pavement. Keep your best dancing shoes for friendlier flooring.

About the Young Friends

The Antemortem society, also known as The Young Friends of Laurel Hill Cemetery is a group of young professionals (ages 21 – 40) who love all things stones and bones and work to support Laurel Hill Cemetery through fundraising events like the Soulstice. Membership in the Young Friends has many benefits like discounted tickets to events, invites to members-only programs, and the chance to meet and network with like-minded people. If you’re interested in learning more, or becoming a member, be sure to check out our website for more info.


Assuming we’ve convinced you that this party is amazing, and that you definitely belong here… here’s the link to purchase tickets.

See you in the cemetery!


2 thoughts on “Psst! You Should Definitely Check Out This Twilight Summer Garden Party in the Cemetery…

  1. The GRAVEPARTY code is no longer working – has it expired?


    1. Hi Eric,

      Yes, the earlybird code has expired at this point (June 1st). We will update the blog to reflect the change. Thanks so much for your interest in the Soulstice, and we hope we’ll see you there!


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