9 Things You Need to Know About the Ghostly Circus at Laurel Hill

In Dante’s Inferno, an intrepid pilgrim traverses the 9 circles of hell in search of his love, Beatrice. Helped along by the Roman poet, Virgil, he descends to the darkest depths before moving on to Purgatory, and finally Paradise. His story will be the inspiration for this year’s Ghostly Circus, as talented fire and aerial performers bring the story to life on August 10th and 11th.

This is one of our most popular events, so we wanted to make sure our guests get all the info they need before the big show. So, whether you’re a returning visitor, or witnessing the spectacle for the first time, here are 9 things you need to know about The Ghostly Circus: Dante’s Inferno.

#1 This is the 5th Year for the Ghostly Circus

Aerialist performing at the first Ghostly Circus

Laurel Hill has hosted this haunting and mesmerizing engagement since 2014, and it’s gotten bigger and better every year. Performers twirl, juggle, and even breathe fire, while others hang from graceful aerial hoops, or suspend themselves with ethereal silk. This year, we’re excited to have a highly thematic show featuring never before seen circus acts!

#2 Tickets Are Cheaper in Advance


Tickets are $30 per person if purchased in advance, but if you buy them at the door, the price goes up to $40. There. That’s 10 good reasons to secure your seats ahead of time.

#3 Kids Under 12 Get Half Price Tickets


What would a circus be without kids? The Ghostly Circus is a kid-friendly event, and tickets for children under 12 are only $15. This year’s show will have some spooky imagery (as many of our events do), so use your best judgement when deciding on whether to hire a ‘sitter for the night, or to bring the kiddos along for the fun.

#4 Ridesharing and Public Transit are the Way to Go



Yes, there is some parking available both inside and outside the cemetery, but it is limited. Because this event is so popular, we expect large crowds which means parking could become scarce very quickly. We HIGHLY recommend using public transportation (We’re on SEPTA route #61) whenever possible, or relying on services like Uber or Lyft. Locals can also walk or bike to the cemetery.

#5 BYO Chairs and Blankets


There is plenty of ground to sit on, but that’s not always the most comfortable option. Camp chairs and blankets are welcome, and guests are encouraged to bring their own. Unfortunately we can’t provide seats here in the cemetery.

#6 Be On Time!


The show begins PROMPTLY at 8pm, and late-arriving guests may not be admitted. Plan ahead and get here with plenty of time to see the whole spectacle! We recommend arriving around 7pm for your best chance at getting good parking and good seats (although with the natural hillside in South Laurel Hill there’s truly not a bad seat in the house!)

#7 The Show Lasts Between 70 and 90 Minutes


Even more reason to be on time! Unlike our recent 2+ hour Shakespeare performance, the Ghostly Circus moves at a more brisk pace. Make sure you’re here for every thrilling minute of it!

#8 There Will Be Several Food Trucks on Site (and Beer!)


Guests are welcome to bring snacks and drinks, but we think you’ll also love our amazing vendor lineup for this year’s circus:

And beer will be provided by Magic Hat Brewing!

Bring cash!

#9 Yes, There is an After-party!



After the show ends, the fun doesn’t have to stop. Be sure to join us for the Dance With the Dead after-party immediately after the show.


We hope to see you this coming Friday and Saturday at one of the most unique and amazing events offered throughout the city of Philadelphia. Tickets are available here!

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5 thoughts on “9 Things You Need to Know About the Ghostly Circus at Laurel Hill

  1. What if it rains on Saturday? Is there a rain date for the Ghostly Circus?

    Thank you!


    1. Yes! The rain date will be the following Saturday


  2. Does the rain delay apply to tonight also?


  3. When will the decision be made about whether the August 18th show will go on if the weather is non-cooperative?


    1. Hi Jennifer,
      We will watch the weather and make the call by Saturday afternoon if we need to cancel. The forecast seems to be tipping in our favor, so fingers crossed!


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