The Rock Garden at Laurel Hill

The Rock Garden greets visitors just inside the main entrance as they arrive at Laurel Hill Cemetery and features many unique and rare flowering bulbs and perennials.  Situated on a steep slope among pieces of Wissahickon schist, a local rock, as well as repurposed artifacts from the cemetery, the plants offer multi-seasonal bloom from late winter to fall.  This combination provides a mix of history, sense of place, and horticulture that reflects the commitment of Laurel Hill to professional horticulture displays and a respectful re-purposing and reuse of architectural objects from within the cemetery.

Rock Garden-1

The Rock Garden features plants that thrive in well-drained soil and full sun

Rock Garden-2

The Rock Garden makes use of the steep slopes and features plants that thrive in these sunny conditions

Rock Garden-3

Plants have been added that will eventually cascade over the wall and allow visitors to see them at eye level 

Rock Garden-4.

The rock used here is Wissahickon schist which not only provides a sense of place, but literally sparkles in the sunlight!

Rock Garden-5

Our native Phlox subulata, known as creeping phlox, is strikingly beautiful and especially so among the rocks

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