Are there notes by the Founding Fathers which indicate why DC citizens were denied a vote in Congress?

Why are citizens of Washington DC not given voting representation in Congress?

The Constitution grants each state voting representation in both houses of the United States Congress. As the federal capital, the District of Columbia is a special federal district, not a state, and therefore does not have voting representation in Congress.

Why were the citizens of Washington DC not allowed to vote in presidential elections until 1961?

The Constitution provides that each state receives presidential electors equal to the combined number of seats it has in the Senate and the House of Representatives. As the District of Columbia is not a state, it was not entitled to any electors before the adoption of the Twenty-third Amendment.

Is Washington DC denied representation in Congress?

DC residents are denied representation:
DC elects a non-voting Delegate to the US House of Representatives who can draft legislation but cannot vote. The current Delegate for DC is Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton. DC residents do not have a voice in Senate Committees or on the Senate Floor.

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