Battles that ended with a disaster for all the parties

What is the most 1 sided battle in history?

Battle of Alesia – casualties were about 12,800 Romans and 250,000 from Gallic Confederation, resulting in 1 : 20 casualties ratio.

What was the worst defeat of the US Army?

It was “the most decisive defeat in the history of the American military” and its largest defeat ever by Native Americans.

St. Clair’s defeat.

Battle of the Wabash
21 killed 40 wounded 656 killed or captured 279 wounded

What was the US most humiliating defeat?

THE BATTLE OF Bladensburg, August 24, 1814, was the greatest military debacle in American history; a martial comedy-of-errors. Yet because it occurred in a misbegotten little war whose very name suggests forgettable mediocrity, mention it to the average American and you will receive a blank stare.

What is America’s bloodiest battle?

Lasting three days in 1863, from July 1-3, Gettysburg was the bloodiest battle ever fought on American soil, with up to 10,000 Union and Confederate troops dead and another 30,000 wounded.

Has the US Army ever been defeated?

The United States has lost several major battles throughout its history. These battles all served to teach the United States military vital lessons which they then used to great effect in later battles. Never underestimate the importance of battle in the struggle of fighting and winning wars.

What was the greatest military defeat in history?

Here are seven military defeats where someone thought they could be the big dog in a fight only to find out they were facing a bear:

  1. Battle of Tsushima. Japanese Adm.
  2. Siege of Kut.
  3. Italian Western Desert Campaign — World War II.
  4. Battle of France.
  5. Battle of Midway.
  6. Battle of Stalingrad.
  7. Operation Market Garden.

What was the largest single defeat in American history?

On April 9, 1942, Major General Edward P. King Jr. surrenders at Bataan, Philippines—against General Douglas MacArthur’s orders—and 78,000 troops (66,000 Filipinos and 12,000 Americans), the largest contingent of U.S. soldiers ever to surrender, are taken captive by the Japanese.

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