Building a house in the middle age in europe (specifically germany)

How were buildings built in the Middle Ages?

Most people built their houses in the Middle Ages just like in prehistory: a wooden frame, walls of plaited branches covered with clay and a straw thatched roof. Only later in the Middle Ages, only the rich could afford using stone or bricks.

What was architecture like in the Middle Ages?

Styles include pre-Romanesque, Romanesque, and Gothic. While most of the surviving medieval architecture is to be seen in churches and castles, examples of civic and domestic architecture can be found throughout Europe, in manor houses, town halls, almshouses, bridges, and residential houses.

What were the houses like in medieval Europe?

There was everything from castles, to manor houses, to monestaries, to mud huts, to apartments over shops. Castles: Castles were huge and made of stone. The interior of a castle contained staircases, bedrooms, hallways, priveys, store rooms, barracks for the knights, a chapel and a gatehouse and more.

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