Can anybody identify the cap-badge and/or uniform in this image?

How to identify a cap badge?

Cap badge. A non-voided gilt metal Royal Engineers headdress badge, the badge is shaped around the emblem which comprises GRV monogram within crowned Garter surrounded by a laurel wreath, there is a scroll below embossed with the name of the regiment ‘ROYAL ENGINEERS’, the badge is complete with a slider.

What is an Army cap badge?

A cap badge, also known as head badge or hat badge, is a badge worn on uniform headgear and distinguishes the wearer’s nationality and/or organisation.

How do you recognize military uniforms?

Insignia are prominently displayed on service uniforms. Service members may also wear “awards” or “decorations” above their right breast pocket. These small, color-coded stripes are awarded for specific duties, missions and accomplishments. Dress uniforms are more formal and can be elaborate.

What do you mean by badge?

Definition of badge
(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a device or token especially of membership in a society or group. 2 : a characteristic mark. 3 : an emblem awarded for a particular accomplishment.

What do you call a military cap?

The peaked cap, service cap, barracks cover or combination cap is a form of headgear worn by the armed forces of many nations, as well as many uniformed civilian organisations such as law enforcement agencies and fire departments.

How can you tell if a Army uniform is real?

It uses a pattern called “operational camouflage pattern,” or OCP, which was first issued for soldiers in Afghanistan. You’ll note a couple of things on the uniform right away. “U.S. ARMY” is sewn right above the pocket, though if body armor is worn, you won’t see it.

What are military badges called?

Insignia: Insignia on service members’ uniforms can represent rank, rate or designator. It may include various emblems such as chevrons, bars, oak leaves or stars. Typically, service members wear insignia on the shoulder or collar of their uniform, but stripes on a uniform sleeve often represents years of service.

Who designs military uniforms?


Propper is a manufacturer of clothing and gear for tactical, law enforcement, public safety, and military applications. Since 1967 it has been one of the main uniform suppliers to the United States military.

Why do we wear badges?

Although wearing badges visibly may seem an additional burden, there are advantages. Badges provide a simple way of identifying people. We can all tell at a glance who’s who, and that’s a powerful aid to civility in the workplace. If we see a visitor looking lost, for example, we can offer help.

What is badge number?

Badge numbers are assigned when a member is appointed and are issued in numerical order. The Ed Jones Company in Berkeley, California has been the primary contractor for the manufacture of Vallejo Police badges since at least the 1950’s.

What show badges mean?

An app icon badge shows you the number of unread alerts and it’s omnipresent on the app icon. It’s a simple way to tell, at a glance, if you have unread messages in the Gmail or Messages app. Come Android O, apps that choose to support them will now have app icon badges.

What are the badges on a military uniform?

Military badges of the United States are awards authorized by the United States Armed Forces that signify rating, qualification, or accomplishment in several career fields, and also serve as identification devices for personnel occupying certain assignments.

What is the Army uniform called?

Army Combat Uniform

Army Combat Uniform (ACU)

How many military badges are there?

Soldiers are authorized to wear a total of five badges from the marksmanship and combat and special skill categories; no more than three can come from the marksmanship category, only one badge each from Groups 1, 2, and 3, three from Group 4, and two from Group 5.

What makes up the RLC cap badge?

The RLC cap badge is an amalgamation of the cap badges of the forming corps: The laurel and garter band is from the Royal Engineers. The Indian star is from the Royal Corps of Transport. The shield in the centre is from the Royal Army Ordnance Corps.

What is an IOS badge?

The iPhone uses badges to indicate that a new message, email, push notification, or voicemail is waiting. Each app with new unread information has a white number with a red background in the upper right hand corner of the app icon. This is a badge.

What is the biggest regiment in the British Army?

The Royal Irish regiment

The Royal Irish regiment
It is the largest infantry regiment in the British army, with four battalions in operation. One is based in Canterbury and the other three are based in Northern Ireland.

Why is the Royal Signals cap badge called Jimmy?

According to one explanation, the badge is referred to as “Jimmy” because the image of Mercury was based on the late mediaeval bronze statue by the Italian sculptor Giambologna, and shortening over time reduced the name Giambologna to “Jimmy”.

What does the Royal Engineers cap badge mean?

The motto of the Corps of Royal Engineers is ‘Ubique’ which means ‘Everywhere’. Awarded in 1832, this single word reflects the fact that the unit has been involved in nearly all the British Army’s combat deployments and would thus be entitled to myriad battle honours.

How many signal regiments are there?

16 Regiments including reserve regiments and those undertaking specialist duties such as electronic warfare.

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