Connection between U.S. entry into WW1 and Germans sending Lenin back to Russia

Why did the Germans send Lenin back to Russia during World war I?

The Germans had sent him in a sealed car from Switzerland. They hoped that Lenin would foment further instability in Russia since Lenin’s Bolsheviks were opposed to continuing the war with the Germans.

Why did the Germans allow Lenin and his associate to return to Russia?

The Germans allowed Lenin and others to return because they probably felt that any instability they could cause for Russia would only benefit themselves.

Did the Germans help Lenin return to Russia?

The German government was at war with Russia, but it nonetheless agreed to help Lenin return home. Germany saw “in this obscure fanatic one more bacillus to let loose in tottering and exhausted Russia to spread infection,” Crankshaw writes. On April 9, Lenin and his 31 comrades gathered at Zurich station.

How did Lenin come back to Russia?

Lenin Returns from Exile and Overthrows Provisional Government. Aided by German intelligence agents, exiled Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin, along with 23 other Russian banished revolutionaries, secretly returned to Russia in a sealed train.

Did the Germans sent Lenin to Russia?

The Germans agreed to help Lenin, but they wanted him to convince Russia to leave the war. After much negotiation, an agreement between Lenin and the German Imperial government was finally reached. It was agreed that 32 Russian revolutionaries, including Lenin, would be transported across Germany in a ‘sealed train’.

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