Did France actually intend to colonise West Australia and were any resources assigned to this objective prior to 1829?

Did the French want to Colonise Australia?

Former senator Bob Brown says the French were very interested in the island, before it was colonised by the English. The French explorer Labillardiere treated the people as equals when he “clasped the hand of the oldest Aboriginal man on the beach at Southport Lagoon in Tasmania in 1793.

What did the French bring to Australia?

Despite the relatively small number of French migrants in Australia, the French community has had a significant influence on Australian life – in the arts, education, the wine-making industry, and lay and religious organisations.

Who colonized Western Australia?

The Colony of Western Australia (also known as Swan River Colony) was established as a free colony on 2 May 1829 when Captain Fremantle formally took possession of the land of Western Australia in the name of the King of England.

What impact did the French have on Australia?

The French community continues to have a significant influence on Australian arts, education and the winemaking industry, despite the relatively small number of French migrants in Australia. The first French settlers began to arrive shortly after the arrival of the First Fleet.

Why did the French want to Colonise Australia?

The French who came to Australia after 1788, generally came in search of opportunity or new horizons. The State Library of New South Wales’ collections are rich in the records of early French explorers of Australia and the Pacific region.

When did France migrate to Australia?

French migration to Australia began during the late eighteenth century when small numbers of prisoners, refugees from the French Revolution and government officials arrived in the newly established British colony of New South Wales. Between 1830 and 1850, their number gradually increased to several hundred.

Was Australia almost French?

Almost a French Australia: French-British rivalry in the southern oceans. Only a historical accident prevented Australia’s settlement by the French, who persistently explored this region in fierce rivalry with the British, as both nations attempted to establish trade opportunities above and below the Equator.

Did the French claim Western Australia?

James Cook, in 1770, had charted and claimed the east coast for Britain. When St Aloüarn visited New Holland in 1772, neither British nor Dutch officials had issued a formal claim over this western part of New Holland. However, the French claim over Western Australia was never secured by a permanent settlement.

Did France have colonies in Australia?

In the early months of 1788, first the British, then the French, encroached on the land of the Dharawal and Eora people, the traditional Indigenous owners in the Sydney area. After landing at Botany Bay, Phillip and his 11 ships headed north to Port Jackson, where they established the penal colony.

Where did the French settle in Australia?

On the shores of Botany Bay, where then Lieutenant James Cook first stepped ashore on the continent in 1770, is Frenchmans Bay, a beach named for one of the great might-have-been moments in history. French explorer Comte de La Pérouse landed here just days after the First Fleet in January 1788.

How did Australia get colonized?

In 1770, during his first Pacific voyage, Lieutenant James Cook claimed possession of the east coast of Australia for the British Crown. Upon his return to Britain, Cook’s reports inspired the authorities to establish a penal colony in the newly claimed territory.

What happened during the Colonisation of Australia?

Deaths in Custody Australia’s colonisation resulted in a drastic decline in the Aboriginal population. Estimates of how many Indigenous people lived in Australia at the time of European settlement vary from 300,000 to 1 million.

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