Do the edges of the CK3 map reflect real discontinuities in the medieval world?

Is Crusader Kings 3 map accurate?

Crusader Kings is not meant to be a wholly accurate record of the medieval world. Certainly, accuracy is attempted wherever possible and where it does not interfere with game design and balance. But, ultimately total accuracy is often simply impossible. There is insufficient evidence.

Are all characters in Crusader Kings 3 real?

Crusader Kings 3 is made up of lots of characters, most of whom were real medieval kings, queens, dukes, and more.

Is CK3 historical?

The Crusader Kings series has always been more accurate than most at depicting their chosen time period, but Crusader Kings 3 looks to be the best representation of the Middle Ages yet. If it takes some of the above ideas into consideration, the game could be one of the sharpest depictions of that era ever developed.

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