How close did Germany come to interdicting Soviet oil shipments from the Caucasus in 1942?

How close did the Germans get to Moscow?

And so, the Wehrmacht kept going long past the point of diminishing returns, inching forward until advanced German formations were ridiculously close to Moscow, just 10-12 miles. In getting there, however, the Germans had fought themselves down to the last man and tank.

Did the Germans capture the Caucasus?

On 25 July 1942, German troops captured Rostov-on-Don, Russia, opening the Caucasus region of the southern Soviet Union, and the oil fields beyond at Maikop, Grozny, and ultimately Baku, to the Germans.

How far did Germany get in Russia in ww2?

In September 1942, the Germans reached the outskirts of Stalingrad and approached Groznyy in the Caucasus, approximately 120 miles from the shores of the Caspian Sea. This marked the farthest geographical extent of German domination in Europe during World War II.

Did the Germans reach the Caspian?

No. The farthest advance of the Wehrmacht towards the Caspian Sea were German raids on the rail lines located between Kizlayer and Grozny in September of 1942. These raids occurred during the last stages of the German Fall Blau (Case Blue) offensive.

How far did Germany push into Russia?

300 miles

And despite the toughness of the Russian troops, and the number of tanks and other armaments at their disposal, the Red Army was disorganized, enabling the Germans to penetrate up to 300 miles into Russian territory within the next few days.

Did Germany ever share a border with Russia?

The German Empire shared a border with the Russian Empire during the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20 century. This ended with the fall of the German Empire in 1918 as a result of World War I.

Did Russia ever try to invade Germany?

Soviet Ilyushin Il-2s over German positions near Moscow. Soviet POWs on the way to prison camps. Soviet soldiers fire artillery.

Operation Barbarossa.

Date 22 June 1941 – 7 January 1942 (6 months, 2 weeks and 2 days)
Result Axis failure Opening of the Eastern Front Axis failure to reach the A-A line Beginning of Soviet Winter counter-offensive

Who was smuggled into Russia by Germany?


Article content. In a narrow sense, the project was a success. Lenin, once deposited in Russia, became the dominant figure in the post-tsarist state, eventually making peace. But that only meant that Germany managed to lose the war on one front rather than two.

Did Soviets take German prisoners?

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Who won the Caucasus war?

Caucasian War

Date 1817 – 21 May 1864
Location North Caucasus
Result Russian victory Surrender of Imam Shamil Russian annexation of the North Caucasus Circassian genocide
Territorial changes North Caucasus annexed by Russia

Did the Germans capture St Petersburg?

Hitler’s armies had been in Soviet territory since June. An attempt by the Germans to take Leningrad (formerly St. Petersburg) in August by a massive panzer invasion had failed. Hitler had wanted to decimate the city and hand it over to an ally, Finland, who was attacking Russia from the north.

Who won the Caucasus campaign?

The Caucasus Campaign of 1734–1735 was the last great campaign of the Ottoman–Persian War (1730–35) which ended in a Persian victory allowing Nader to recast Persian hegemony over almost the entire Caucasus, region, reconconquering it for the Safavid state.

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