Is the “Katyusha” scene from Deer Hunter historically accurate?

Where were the hunting scenes in The Deer Hunter filmed?

Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest and Nooksack Falls in the North Cascades range of Washington, deer hunting scenes.

Is the wedding in The Deer Hunter Russian?

To prepare for the scene, which was filmed in a Russian Orthodox church in Cleveland, Cimino took the principal cast to an actual Russian wedding in West Virginia.

Who was the Green Beret in The Deer Hunter?

Mike wears the green beret of the U.S. Army Special Forces operator. He is dressed in SF tigerstripe camouflage in Vietnam. However, in full dress uniform his left shoulder sports the 101st Airborne Division badge.

What town is The Deer Hunter set in?

Michael Cimino’s Oscar-laden Vietnam movie aroused controversy with accusations of both racism and of inaudible dialogue (though it received an Oscar for its sound), is nominally set in Cleveland, Ohio, and the blue-collar steeltown of ‘Clairton’, about ten miles south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Did they really shoot a deer in The Deer Hunter?

According to cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond, the scene where the deer was shot by Michael was filmed by giving the trained deer a sedative. It took half an hour for the drug to take effect. They had fenced off an area limiting the deer’s range, and two cameras were used.

Were any animals harmed in the making of The Deer Hunter?

This trainer’s action was in violation of American Humane Guidelines and a signed agreement with the production. The animal was not injured, but American Humane finds this to be completely inexcusable and unacceptable behavior in the use of any animal.

What is the Vietnamese guy saying in Deer Hunter?

Borrowed from Vietnamese đi đi mau (“get lost!”). Borrowed into English by American military personnel returning from the Vietnam War, as well as by Vietnamese immigrants; popularized by the movie The Deer Hunter. This is an uncommon way to say “Hurry up!” in Vietnamese.

Did Robert De Niro ever serve in the military?

Robert De Niro caused a stir when he showed up for the latest U.S. Army Ranger School graduation at Fort Benning, Ga., reports the Associated Press.
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What religion is portrayed in The Deer Hunter?

Abstract. Michael Cimino’s The Deer Hunter utilizes Christian contexts and biblical motifs in order to present an allegory in which Michael (Robert De Niro) represents an angelic being.

How old was Meryl Streep when she made The Deer Hunter?


But the Deer Hunter experience was bittersweet. Streep, then 28, worked on the film — a brutal look at the horrors of Vietnam, told through the experiences of a group of steelworkers — with her live-in boyfriend, John Cazale.

Where is the church in The Deer Hunter?

Theodosius Russian Orthodox Church at 733 Starkweather Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio. The wedding reception was shot in Lemko Hall – 2335 W. Eleventh Street, Cleveland, Ohio. according to IMDb.

Why do they sing God Bless America at the end of The Deer Hunter?

The film’s falling action features Mike and Steven (now using a wheelchair) with friends and loved ones in a somber celebration of Nick’s life after his funeral. As Nick’s widow sings “God Bless America,” the group is left to make sense of what the war has taken from them.

What is Du Ma mean?

f you

It is short for đụ má mày which is a Vietnamese expletive that is roughly the same as “f you” in English.

What did Stan say about Angela in The Deer Hunter?

Answer: He had never slept with Angela.

He told Nick he had never slept with her, implying that the baby was not his.

What President sent our troops to Vietnam?

In response to that threat, the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) was formed in 1955 to prevent Communist expansion. President Eisenhower sent some 700 military personnel as well military and economic aid to the government of South Vietnam.

Is Angela pregnant in The Deer Hunter?

Before leaving for the tour, the three friends – Mike (Robert De Niro), Steven (John Savage), and Nick (Christopher Walken). Before leaving for Vietnam, Steven gets engaged to Angela, but she is pregnant with another man’s child. Steven is unaware of this.

Is the deer hunter on Netflix?

The Deer Hunter is currently not on Netflix.

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