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What is the brief history of communication?

The history of communication itself can be traced back since the origin of speech circa 100,000 BCE. The use of technology in communication may be considered since the first use of symbols about 30,000 years BCE. Among the symbols used, there are cave paintings, petroglyphs, pictograms and ideograms.

What was the first ever recorded communication in history?

The oldest known form of communication were cave paintings. After them came pictograms that eventually evolved into ideograms. Fast forward to 3500 BC and the first cuneiform writing was developed by the Sumerians, while the Egyptians developed what is known as hieroglyphic writing.

What are forms of communication in history?

Here our helpful guide takes you through some of the major developments from the last 2000 years.

  • Smoke Signals. Ancient.
  • Typewriter. 1575.
  • Flag Semaphore. 1790.
  • Fax Machine. 1846.
  • Telephone. 1876.
  • Radio Broadcast. 1919.
  • Pagers. 1960.
  • Mobile Phones. 1973.

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