Modelling Bridgnorth Castle, England

How was Bridgnorth castle destroyed?

It was planned to be kept standing but later that year, the bailey gate was demolished by being blown up with gunpowder as it heavily obstructed traffic.

Who built Bridgnorth castle?

Robert de Belleme

The castle was probably built by Robert de Belleme c1101-1102 on the abandonment of Quatford, and was placed, according to Florence of Worcester on the site of a Saxon burh, built by Ethelflaeda in 912 AD. Belleme surrendered the castle to Henry I in 1102.

When was Bridgnorth castle destroyed?


After much resistance, the Royalists finally surrendered to Cromwell’s troops in April 1646. With the Parliamentarians firmly in control of the town, they decided to pull down the castle, and the keep was all but destroyed in 1647.

Why is bridgnorth called Bridgnorth?

Bridgnorth is named after a bridge over the River Severn, which was built further north than an earlier bridge at Quatford.

How old is the bridge in Bridgnorth?

Bridgenorth Bridge, photo by Stephen Ellis

A view of Bridgnorth Bridge, Bridgnorth, Shropshire which spans the River Severn. The bridge’s history dates to the 13th century although it was rebuilt in 1823.

What is Bridgnorth like to live in?

It’s got a lovely old town hall and all sorts of unusual historic buildings, not to mention it has got High Town and Low Town which truly is like no other. “I moved here about 19 years ago, I love living here and it was so lovely to see it receive recognition in a national paper.”

What day is market day in Bridgnorth?

Bridgnorth Market

The Market is held on a Friday and Saturday, with a Market on Sundays which is run on the Town Council’s behalf.

When was the Great Fire of Bridgnorth?

April 1646

This is one of the few properties of its type to survive the great fire of Bridgnorth in April 1646. The town is also home to the traditional Bridgnorth railway station which is part of the Severn Valley Railway.

How many pubs are there in Bridgnorth?

Some 19 Bridgnorth Pubs & Inns all serving real ales, now that’s a challenging walk.

What day is half day closing in Bridgnorth?

Market and Early Closing Days

Town Early Closing Days Market Days
Bridgnorth Thursday Monday / Saturday
Church Stretton Wednesday Thursday
Cleobury Mortimer Mon / Thursday / Saturday Alternate Wednesday
Clun Wednesday Tuesday

What day is market day in Ludlow?

Ludlow market is a lively and welcoming place at the heart of Ludlow. Regular General markets are held on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday each week of the year. The market space also hosts a range of specialist markets on Thursdays and Sundays throughout the year.

What day is market day in Shrewsbury?

The Shrewsbury Farmers Market brings the fields of Shropshire to Shrewsbury Square on the first Friday of every month.

Is Whitchurch market on today?

The Market takes place every Friday from 7.30am – 12.30pm in the heart of Whitchurch, both inside and outside the Civic Centre and Market Hall.

Is Kidderminster market on today?

Kidderminster. An open air street market is held in Vicar Street and High Street every Thursday and Saturday.

What day is Worcester market?

A market is held in Angel Place in the heart of the city centre, every Thursday Friday, and Saturday – from 9am to 3.30pm with stalls including fruit and veg, clothes, plants, gifts, food and more.

What day is Tamworth market?

Tamworth Street market is held in Market Street, George Street, St Editha’s Square and Colehill every Tuesday and Saturday. There are 100+ stalls on most market days, selling a wide range of products.

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