More Scientific Discoveries Outside Academia Past 50 Years?

What have been some major developments in science over the last 50 years?

8 Revolutionary Discoveries of the Last 50 Years

  • Antibiotics.
  • Eradication of Smallpox – Birth of Vaccination.
  • DNA and Central Dogma of Molecular Biology.
  • Recombinant DNA Technology.
  • PCR – Polymerase Chain Reaction.
  • Identification of HIV/AIDS.
  • Stem Cells.
  • Decoding of Human Genome.

What do you think are the most important scientific discoveries in the last 100 years?

Celebrating the Greatest Scientific Discoveries of the Last…

  • 1920-1929: The First Antibiotic.
  • 1 930-1939: The Importance of Electrolytes.
  • 1940-1949 Women’s Health.
  • 1950-1959 A Breakthrough in Vaccine Therapy.
  • 1960-1969 Blood Storage.
  • 1970-1979 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • 1980-1989 Smallpox Eradication.

What research has contributed most to society in the last 10 years?

New Scientist ranks the top 10 discoveries of the decade

  • Higgs boson.
  • Gravitational waves.
  • AlphaGo.
  • Layla’s gene therapy.
  • Denisovans.
  • Quantum supremacy.
  • Proxima Centauri b.

Is scientific discovery slowing?

While you’d think that knowledge would help lead us from breakthrough to scientific breakthrough, it turns out that’s not necessarily the case. There’s been a dramatic slowdown in the number of big scientific and technological innovations over time, according to a new report published in Nature.

What has been the most significant new technology over the past 50 years?

12 Best Inventions of the Past 50 Years

  • Cellphone – 1973. Imagine the world without cellphones, that’s not a world I would like to live in.
  • Barcode – 1974. Barcodes have evolved from just tags for products to much more today.
  • Digital Camera – 1975.
  • Facebook – 2004.
  • Bitcoin – 2009.

What are the possible technological advancements 50 years from now?

5 Ways That Technology Will Transform the World in the Next 50 Years

  • Self-driving cars. Self-driving cars have the potential to take us where we need to go, without us ever having to set foot on the pedal.
  • Greater involvement from robots.
  • Personalized advertising.
  • Beyond 5G.
  • Body implants.

What was the most important scientific discovery of the 20th century?

You can forget inventions like air conditioning, television, the computer and the Internet. The single most important invention of the 20th century was the transistor, according to some researchers and analysts. Yes, that’s right. The transistor.

Which scientific discovery has changed the world the most?

DNA. On February 28, 1953, James Watson of the United States and Francis Crick of England made one of the greatest scientific discoveries in history. The two scientists found the double-helix structure of DNA.

What do you think is the biggest discovery of science by far?

Quote from video:

What are the major developments in science?

What Are The Greatest Scientific Discoveries Of All Time?

  • Genome editing.
  • CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats)
  • RNA-sequencing.
  • The molecular structure of DNA.
  • Electricity.
  • Painkillers and anaesthetic.
  • Vaccines.
  • Our ability for teamwork.

What are the recent developments in science?

News tagged with new discoveries

  • Astronomers discover eight new super-hot stars.
  • The top ten plant and fungi species named new to science in 2022.
  • Discovery of a cellular uptake pathway for larger drug molecules.
  • Scientists discover shark graveyard at the bottom of the ocean.

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