Need help identifying 2 old coins? Struck coins, one with two standing human figures facing each other

How do I identify old coins?

Look for an inscription.

The inscription, or legend, on a coin can help you identify its country of origin and may also help determine its age if the date is missing. American coins usually state “United States of America” somewhere on the coin.

What do old coins tell us?

Coins tell a lot about the ruler who issued them. They speak of events that took place; they tell us the name of the ruler; some coins even tell us which year he ruled in. The designs are aesthetic.

What information did the inscriptions on the coins metal images and sculptures reveal?

Usually they were issued by the kingdom ruler. Numismatics is the study of coins. The coin details tells us about the Empire, shows the dates in which certain kings ruled their special interests and accomplishments. Monuments often contain information about the period of their construction.

What information can the coins of the past give to an archeologist?

Coins are a valuable archaeological source of information. They help in gaining knowledge about ancient India in the following ways: i) The way of life and the administration of reigning kings of the past are known through coins. ii) An idea about the economy of the past is gained from them.

What are inscription stones?

Answer: An inscription is writing carved into something made of stone or metal, for example a gravestone or medal. Above its doors was a Latin inscription: Non omnia possumus omnes. … An inscription is something written by hand in the front of a book or on a photograph.

How coins are reveal history?

To reconstruct the past, says Cribb, historians look to other sources, such as archaeological finds and inscriptions on stone and metal. Coins offer another form of evidence, requiring similar care and expertise in the interpretation of engraved words, symbols, and images.