Nicknames of M36 Gun Motor Carriage

The 90 mm Gun Motor Carriage, M36 often refered to by its nicknames Jackson or Slugger, was an American Tank Destroyer first deployed in 1944 to counter the heavy tanks being field by nazi-Germany at the time.

Why is the M36 called Jackson?

This tank destroyer was official US Army name is the 90mm Gun Motor Carriage M36. It was nicknamed Jackson after the Confederate States of America General Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson. It was also called the ‘Slugger’.

Who was the M36 named after?

Stonewall Jackson

This new tank hunter was known by the soldiers as “Jackson” in reference to the Confederate general of the Civil War Stonewall Jackson, or “Slugger”. Officially, it was named “M36 tank destroyer” or “90 mm Gun Motor Carriage M36” by the ordnance and US Army at large.

How good was the M36 tank destroyer?

The M36 was well-liked by its crews, being one of the few armored fighting vehicles available to US forces that could destroy heavy German tanks from a distance. Corporal Anthony Pinto of the 1st Platoon, Company A, 814th Tank Destroyer Battalion knocked out a Panther at 4,200 yards (3,800 metres).

What was the best German tank in ww2?

The Panther

The Panther is often believed to be the best German tank of the Second World War. When the Germans invaded Russia in June 1941, they were surprised by the quantity and quality of Soviet armour. Hitler ordered that the T-34 be copied and the result was the Panther, which saw action for the first time at Kursk in 1943.

What was the best American tank in WWII?

A massive 90mm main gun, good mobility, and excellent range all combined to make the M36 an effective weapon.

What was the most feared tank in ww2?

Germany’s Tiger tank, whether in the form of the Tiger I or later Tiger II (King Tiger), was the most feared tank of WWII.

What tank replaced the Sherman?

Medium Tank T20

The Medium Tank T20, Medium Tank T22 and Medium Tank T23 were medium tank designs developed by the United States during the Second World War, to be the successor to the M4 Sherman.

What was the deadliest tank of ww2?

Panzer VIII Maus

Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus
Place of origin Nazi Germany
Service history
Used by Nazi Germany
Wars World War II

Why are German tanks called Panzers?

The Panzer name

It derives through the French word pancier, “breastplate”, from Latin pantex, “belly”. The word is used in English and some other languages as a loanword in the context of the German military.

Could a Sherman tank destroy a Panzer?

Quote from video: And with maximum efficiency. Before it could cause damage to the German vehicles.

Why are German tanks named after cats?

Quote from video: So to conclude the most formidable and famous members of the German Second World War tank. Family were named after cats or gained their nickname which was linked to cats.

Is a Tiger tank a Panzer?

The Tiger II is a German heavy tank of the Second World War. The final official German designation was Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. B, often shortened to Tiger B. The ordnance inventory designation was Sd.

What were German tanks called?


panzer, German in full Panzerkampfwagen, series of battle tanks fielded by the German army in the 1930s and ’40s.

Why are military vehicles named after animals?

because they are aggressive predators and it sounds “cool”. lots of countries name fighting vehicles/aircraft/ships etc. after animals. This for the most would you really want to fight a tiger or lion.

What is an Army vehicle called?

Some think of the U.S. Army as being all tanks and Humvees, but there is a lot more to the Army’s “fleet” of military vehicles–including aircraft and drones. Other Army vehicles include tanks, Armored Personnel Carriers, and Armored Fighting Vehicles.

Why do they call it a Willys jeep?

Military Nickname

Even as early as World War I and the premiere of Willys MB in 1941, newly enlisted soldiers and untested vehicles were nicknamed “jeeps” by the soldiers. Surprisingly, the name stuck around and eventually used to describe light military recon vehicles.

What is a Army truck called?

The Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement, or MTVR, is a purpose-designed military truck.

What are the old military trucks called?


Name and type Build years Total built
Chevrolet G506 1+1⁄2-ton 4×4 1940-1945 168,603
GMC CCKW 2+1⁄2-ton 6×6 1941-1945 562,750
GMC DUKW 2+1⁄2-ton 6×6 1942-1945 21,147
Studebaker US6 2+1⁄2-ton 6×6 1941-1945 219,882

What is a line of military vehicles called?

A convoy is a group of vehicles or ships travelling together. The army vehicles travelled in convoy.

What is the most famous military vehicle?

These Are Some Of The Most Essential Military Vehicles Ever

  1. 1 Sherman DD Amphibious Tank. Via
  2. 2 Mark I Tank. Via …
  3. 3 M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle. …
  4. 4 Buffalo Clearance Vehicle. …
  5. 5 M88 Hercules Recovery Vehicle. …
  6. 6 M9 Armored Combat Earthmover. …
  7. 7 M1 Shredder. …
  8. 8 Avenger Weapon System. …

What is the most badass military vehicle?

Then there are the ones that boast a combination of all these factors emerging as the badass kings of the battlefield.

  • 10 JLTV.
  • 9 CV90120-T Ghost.
  • 8 Mantis Armored Vehicle.
  • 7 Jahanam Launcher.
  • 6 Arquus Scarabee.
  • 5 Carmel Street-Fighting Tank.
  • 4 USS Zumwalt.
  • 3 Cougar 6 X 6.

What are military jeeps called?

Willys MB

Willys MB Ford GPW Truck, 1⁄4-ton, 4×4, Command Reconnaissance
Designer Karl Probst, Delmar G. Roos
Designed 1940 through early 1942
Manufacturer Willys-Overland (MB) Ford (GPW)
Produced 1941–1945

What is the toughest military vehicle?

Built To Win: 25 Toughest Military Vehicles In The World

  • 25 BvS 10 Viking.
  • 24 Iveco Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV) / Panther.
  • 23 Humvee.
  • 22 LGS Fennek.
  • 21 NMS 4×4.
  • 20 Aardvark JSFU Mark 4.
  • 19 Buffalo MPV.
  • 18 MPV-1 APC.

What does NODs mean military?


Night vision devices. NOD is an acronym for night optic devices. NVG is an initialism that stands for night vision goggles. The nicknames are used interchangeably by troops.

What is the fastest military vehicle in the world?

The name (Russian: комбат, IPA: [kɐmˈba:t] ( listen)), is shorthand for “komandir batalyona” (командир батальона – battalion commander). The Kombat is one of the fastest armoured off-road vehicles in the world with a top speed of 180 km/h.

What’s the strongest vehicle in the world?

Koenigsegg Regera – 1,479bhp.

What is the unbreakable car?

While Top Gear may have lauded the Toyota Hilux pickup as the world’s most indestructible car, having driven it to the Arctic and dropped it off a building, we want to hear your stories of the unbreakable cars you’ve owned.

Which is the most safest car in the world?

The World’s Safest Cars

  • Mercedes Benz C Class. Image source: The Mercedes Benz C Class is one of the safest cars in the world. …
  • Nissan Rogue. Image source: …
  • Toyota Corolla. Image source: …
  • Acura TLX. Image source: …
  • BMW 3 Series. Image source:

Which is the safest vehicle?

List of Top 10 Safest Cars in India

  1. Tata Nexon – NCAP Rating 5 Stars. …
  2. Tata Altroz – NCAP Rating 5 Stars. …
  3. Mahindra XUV 300 – NCAP Rating 5 Stars. …
  4. Mahindra Marazzo – NCAP Rating 4 Stars. …
  5. Volkswagen Polo – NCAP Rating 4 Stars. …
  6. Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza – NCAP Rating 4 Stars. …
  7. Tata Tiago – NCAP Rating 4 Stars.

What color is safest car?


White. We’ve referenced the safest color car on the road. That color is white. White cars are 12 percent less likely to be involved in an accident than black cars at any time of the day under any conditions.