Number of foreigners in the Waffen-SS and Wehrmacht during WWII

These units were all commanded by General Ernst August Köstring. (1876−1953) A lower estimate for the total number of foreign volunteers that served in the entire German armed forces (including the Waffen SS) is 350,000.

Soviet Union.

Unit name Description
Luftwaffen-Legion Lettland Air unit composed of Latvians.

How many foreigners served in the Waffen-SS?

Before the war’s end, the foreigners who served in the Waffen-SS numbered “some 500,000“, including those who were pressured into service or conscripted. Historian Martin Gutmann adds that some of the additional forces came from “Eastern and Southeastern Europe, including Muslim soldiers from the Balkans.”

How many foreigners fought for Germany?

During WWII, nearly 2,000,000 foreigners served within the German fighting forces, many as willing volunteers, others through varying degrees of conscription.

How many Russians were in Wehrmacht?

between 600,000 and 1,400,000 Soviets

It is estimated that anywhere between 600,000 and 1,400,000 Soviets (Russians and non-Russians) joined the Wehrmacht forces as Hiwis (or Hilfswillige) in the initial stages of Barbarossa, including 275,000 to 350,000 “Muslim and Caucasian” volunteers and conscripts, ahead of the subsequent implementation of the more …

Which is better Waffen-SS or Wehrmacht?

Waffen SS units were as a whole never superior to the Wehrmacht – quite the contrary. Certain units (such as heavy tank units) are on par record-wise with the Wehrmacht, but many Waffen SS units are simply inferior to the properly trained German soldiers.

How many Dutch served in the Waffen-SS?

20,000 to 25,000 Dutchmen served in the German Army and Waffen SS.

What did Germans think of US soldiers in WW2?

“The Americans were what might be called bad prisoners. A group of 14 were brought in one day and when asked about their units refused to talk. They refused to work and talked back to the officers, much to the annoyance of the officers and the concealed delight of the men.”

What did Americans call German soldiers in WW2?

Heinie (offensive)

The Americans and Canadians referred to Germans, especially German soldiers as “Heinies”, from the pet form of the common German male proper name Heinrich.

How many Estonians fought for Germany in WW2?

Until August 1943, 5300 men were drafted for the Estonian Legion and 6800 for support service (Hilfswillige) to the German Wehrmacht.

How many foreigners served in the German army in ww2?

Among the approximately one million foreign volunteers and conscripts who served in the Wehrmacht during World War II were ethnic Belgians, Czechs, Dutch, Finns, Danes, French, Hungarians, Norwegians, Poles, Portuguese, Swedes, along with people from Great Britain, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and the Balkans.

How many Austrians served in the SS?

Austrian contribution to Nazi Germany’s armed forces

During the war, 800,000 Austrians volunteered for Nazi Germany in the Wehrmacht and a further 150,000 Austrians joined up to the Nazi party’s military wing, known as the Waffen-SS.

How many Danes joined the Waffen-SS?

5,500 Danes

A total of 5,500 Danes joined the Waffen SS during the Second World War. They served primarily on the Eastern Front, often fighting under appalling conditions.

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