Star of the Allies

Is Kirby Star Allies a remake?

Kirby Star Allies is a main-series Kirby game for the Nintendo Switch released in 2018, making it the first main-series release on a home console since Kirby’s Return to Dream Land in 2011.

Kirby Star Allies
Game size 4.0 GB

Who is Kirby named after?

John Kirby

As a thank-you for defending them, Nintendo sent Kirby a $30,000 sailboat named Donkey Kong, and exclusive rights to use the name Donkey Kong for sailboats. Most notably, it was rumored that Kirby, the protagonist of the Kirby game series, was named after John Kirby.

Are the Mage sisters related?

The Three Mage-Sisters are the final boss of Heroes in Another Dimension Sub-Game. After they are defeated, if 100 or more Friend Hearts were collected, they can be recruited as a Dream Friend.
Heroes in Another DimensionEdit.

The Three Mage-Sisters
Relative(s) Francisca Flamberge Zan Partizanne

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