U-Boat Mutiny in WW2?

Were there any mutinies on U-boats?

NEW U-BOAT MUTINY AT KIEL REPORTED; Sailors of the German Navy Kill 38 of Their Officers;- Geneva Hears.
31 дек. 1969 

What was the deadliest U-boat in ww2?


If ever there was a submarine laden with bad luck it was Germany’s U-505. Despite sinking eight Allied ships early in the war, the German WW II U-boat suffered repeated damage while on a number of patrols and was further marred by the suicide of its second commanding officer while on board.

Is U-boat 571 Based on a true story?

The Movie U-571 is not based on the actual circumstances of the naval career of the German Submarine named U-571. Rather, it is a fictional narrative, loosely based on events involving several different German submarines during World War II, including U-110, U-570, U-559, and U-505.

How many deaths were caused by U-boats?

15,000 lives

By the end of World War I, 344 U-boats had been commissioned, sinking more than 5,000 ships and resulting in the loss of 15,000 lives.

Did any U-boat crews survive?

Of 39,000 U-boat crewmen who went on patrol during the war, 27,490 of them did not come back, a fatality rate of 70.4 percent. And of the 11,500 lucky ones who evaded death, 5,000 – nearly one-half – survived only because the Allies rescued them after their U-boats were sunk.

Did any U-boats survive the whole war?

Despite their prevalence during World War I and World War II, only four U-boats remain intact today. (Others rest on the ocean floor.) Preserved as museum vessels, these U-boats are the reminders of the thousands of men who died in these “iron coffins.”

Who destroyed the most U-boats?

Captain Frederic John Walker CB, DSO and three Bars, was a Royal Navy officer noted for his exploits during World War II and was the most successful anti-submarine warfare commander who sank more German U-boats than any other British or Allied Commander during the Battle of the Atlantic, which was one of the most

What stopped German U-boats?

The Treaty of Versailles ending World War I signed at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 restricted the total tonnage of the German surface fleet. The treaty also restricted the independent tonnage of ships and forbade the construction of submarines.

Did the Olympic sink a German U-boat?

SM U-103 was an Imperial Germany Navy Type U 57 U-boat that was rammed and sunk by HMT Olympic during the First World War. U-103 was built by AG Weser in Bremen, launched on 9 June 1917 and commissioned 15 July 1917.

Has there ever been a mutiny on a submarine?

It became infamous for being the only U.S. Navy ship to undergo a mutiny which led to executions. Somers was launched at the New York Navy Yard on 16 April 1842 and commissioned on 12 May 1842, with Commander Alexander Slidell Mackenzie in command.

How many people were on U-boats?

35 men

The Germans’ most formidable naval weapon was the U-boat, a submarine far more sophisticated than those built by other nations at the time. The typical U-boat was 214 feet long, carried 35 men and 12 torpedoes, and could travel underwater for two hours at a time.

How many ww2 U-boats are still missing?

A U-boat of this type, listed for decades as being sunk off Gibraltar, was found on the sea bottom about 60 miles off the coast of New Jersey in 1991. According to the definitive website Uboat.org, a total of 50 German U-boats remained unaccounted for after the end of World War II.

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