What are some examples of nations that involuntarily gained independence?

Which countries gained independence unwillingly?

Singapore is arguably the only modern nation to have been forced against its will into independence: The One Country That Gained Independence against Its Will. The island became independent on 9 August 1965, thus becoming the only country to gain independence against its own will in the history of the modern world!

What country was the first to gain independence?

As our infographic shows, over the years, 65 countries have claimed independence so far. The first of which was the United States back on July 4, 1776 (although the Declaration wasn’t officially recognized by the British government until 1783).

Why didn t Singapore want independence?

The prospects for self-government or independence for Singapore was initially deemed to be less than optimistic. Within Singapore itself, there was little demand for self-government, let alone independence. The communists were the only group that wanted the British to leave, and the communist party was illegal.

When did countries around the world gain their independence?

Of the 196 countries on Earth, the vast majority became independent after 1800. Only 20 were independent before the start of the 19th century—a mere 10%— and by 1900, only 49 or 25% of the countries of today were independent.

Which country got independence by non violence?

India won its freedom from British colonial rule in 1947, after many decades of struggle. Mohandas Gandhi, known as Mahatma Gandhi, joined the fight in 1914 and led the country to independence, using his method of nonviolent protest known as satyagraha.

Which country got independence without bloodshed?

Canada and Australia came to mind when talking about countries gaining independence without bloodshed, as well as New Zealand and Trinidad and Tobago.

What is the youngest independent country?

of South Sudan

The newest internationally recognized country in the world is the African country of South Sudan, which declared independence on July 9, 2011.

Which country has no independence day?

Many countries also mark this date as ‘Victory over Japan Day’, to celebrate Japan’s surrender in World War II. One of Europe’s smallest but richest countries, Liechtenstein doesn’t actually have an independence day… because it has never been captured!

Which country got independence very late?

South Sudan declared independence from Sudan on July 9, 2011, after a bloody civil war with the ethnically Arab north that had lasted decades.

Which countries Cannot be conquered?

5 countries that are impossible to conquer

  • The USA.
  • Russia.
  • China.
  • Switzerland.
  • Afghanistan.

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