What cultures did, or do, perform human sacrifice on a regular basis?

Which cultures did human sacrifice?

Ancient Near East

  • Ancient Egypt.
  • Levant.
  • Phoenicia.
  • Neolithic Europe.
  • Greco-Roman antiquity.
  • Carthage.
  • Celtic peoples.
  • Germanic peoples.

What are some cultures that have sacrificial rituals?


  • Olmec culture.
  • Maya culture.
  • Teotihuacan culture.
  • Toltec culture.
  • Aztec culture.

Was human sacrifice common in Aztec?

Human sacrifice was common in many parts of Mesoamerica, so the rite was nothing new to the Aztecs when they arrived at the Valley of Mexico, nor was it something unique to pre-Columbian Mexico.

Why did the Aztecs perform human sacrifices?

Human sacrifice was intended to pay back the debt that was formed when the gods let blood from themselves to create the world. The Aztecs believed that if they didn’t sustain the sun with blood, the world would come to an end. It was kind of like feeding the gods.

Did Vikings do human sacrifice?

A human life was the most valuable sacrifice that the Vikings could make to the gods. We know from written sources that Odin – the king of the gods – demanded human sacrifices.

Where did human sacrifice originate?

It is for good reason that the practice of human sacrifice is currently most closely associated with the Aztecs of northern Mexico. The age-old ritual, rare in most societies around the world, played an important role in the Mesoamerican culture.

What cultures sacrifice animals?

Animal sacrifice is regularly practiced in traditional African and Afro-American religions. The U.S. Supreme Court’s 1993 decision Church of Lukumi Babalu Aye v. City of Hialeah upheld the right of Santería adherents to practice ritual animal sacrifice in the United States of America.

What are some examples of sacrifices?


  • She’s had to sacrifice a lot for her family.
  • He sacrificed his personal life in order to get ahead in his career.
  • I want to follow a diet that is healthful without sacrificing taste.
  • She was able to ask for their help without sacrificing her dignity.
  • They sacrificed their lives [=they died] for their country.

How often did the Aztecs sacrifice humans?

Woodrow Borah an authority on the demography of ancient Mexico at the University of California, Berkeley, has recently estimated that the Aztecs sacrificed 250,000 people a year. This consituted about 1 percent of the region’s population of 25 million.
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Who were the victims of human sacrifice?

DNA tests of recovered victims from the Templo Mayor site show that the vast majority of those sacrificed were outsiders, likely enemy soldiers or slaves. Verano says that across history and cultures, the rise of ritual human sacrifice often coincides with the emergence of complex societies and social stratification.

Was human sacrifice common in ancient Greece?

Bremmer said that until now, most studies of human sacrifice in ancient Greece had concluded that it was probably fiction. While the ancient Israelites, Romans and Egyptians engaged in human sacrifice for religious purposes, 20th-century archaeologists had thought that the practice was not common among the Greeks.

Did the ancient Greeks practice human sacrifice?

Numerous ancient texts describe human sacrifices and other forms of ritual killing: in 480 BC Themistocles sacrifices three Persian captives to Dionysus; human scapegoats called pharmakoi are expelled yearly from Greek cities, and according to some authors they are killed; Locrin girls are hunted down and slain by the

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