What did people used to exchange for goods during the 1920s German hyperinflation while the official currency was not trusted

What currency did Germany use after hyperinflation?

the Rentenmark

Hyperinflation reached its peak by November 1923 but ended when a new currency (the Rentenmark) was introduced.

What was the currency in Germany before hyperinflation?

the German mark

As the first repayments were made to the Allies in the early 1920s, the value of the German mark sank drastically, and a period of hyperinflation began. In early 1922, 160 German marks was equivalent to one US dollar. By November of 1923, the currency would depreciate to 4,200,000,000,000 marks to one US dollar.

How did the German government end the hyperinflation of the 1920s?

The fever of hyperinflation finally broke in late 1923 when the government began issuing the new rentenmark, a currency backed by mortgages on agricultural and industrial land, which was introduced with the old exchange rate of one US dollar to 4.2 rentenmarks.

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