What does “Quivira” refer to?

Quivira is a place named by Spanish conquistador Francisco Vásquez de CoronadoFrancisco Vásquez de CoronadoCibola most commonly refers to: Cevola (sometimes Sevola) or Cibola, the Spanish transliteration of a native name for a pueblo (Hawikuh Ruins) conquered by Francisco Vázquez de Coronado. One of the Seven Cities of Gold, the Spanish legend that Coronado tracked to Hawikuh.

What did Coronado find in Quivira?

Expecting a city filled with gold, Coronado found only scattered iron pyrites and copper in central Kansas. Looking for Quivira’s fabled multi-storied stone houses, he found the Wichita Indians’ one-story, straw-roofed round houses.

Who lived in Quivira?

The Quivira were farmers who built and lived in grass huts in the area. They created trails that would later become parts of the Santa Fe Trail as they travelled west to trade corn and other crops with nearby tribes.

What was the land of Quivira?

There never existed, even in New Spain, any definite knowledge of the location of Quivira. It was to them a half-mystical land, to the eastward, abounding in gold and great wealth. It was a land of grassy plains, roamed over by rolling herds of wild oxen and inhabited by a wild, brutish people.

Who searched for Quivira?

Search for Quivira

From an indigenous informant the Spanish called “the Turk” (el turco), Vázquez de Coronado heard of a wealthy nation called Quivira far to the east. In spring 1541, he led his army and priests and indigenous allies onto the Great Plains to search for Quivira.

Which tribe did Coronado encounter at Quivira?

After many interviews, the army learned of another important trading center far to the northeast, called Quivira. This center did exist, though some historians believe the Puebloans exaggerated its importance just to get rid of the troublesome Spanish visitors!

When was the Turk led Coronado to Quivira?

23d of April, 1541

On the 23d of April, 1541, Coronado set out from Tiguex to find the rich land of Quivira. The Turk was the guide, and once upon the way, there remained no doubt of his knowledge of the country to be traversed.

Who traveled from Santa Fe to Quivira?

Alonso Baca Baca

1634 Alonso Baca. Baca, along with “some men” left Santa Fe and traveled as far as Quivira, mostly using the route of the future Santa Fe Trail. Hostile Indians forced him to return but not before reaching a large river that some people believe was the Mississippi.

How many acres is Quivira?

Situated on 1,850 acres, with three miles of pristine beaches, Quivira is a tranquil retreat offering everything from world-class fishing and spectacular golf to award-winning spas, dining and service.

When did Quivira Golf Club open?


Opened in 2014, Quivira Golf Club has quickly established itself as one of the best new courses in the world.

What did Francisco Coronado actually find?

(female narrator) Francisco Vázquez de Coronado famously embarked on a two-year, 4,000-mile exploration of the American Southwest, seeking fabled golden cities. Instead, he found buffalo herds, pueblos, tipis, and the Grand Canyon, becoming the first European to lay eyes on these symbols of American life.

What did Coronado hope to find in Cibola and Quivira?

In 1540, Spaniard Francisco Vásquez de Coronado led a large expedition north from Mexico to search for wealth and the Seven Cities of Cibola. Instead of wealth, he found Indigenous farmers living in an array of communities and villages in what are today Arizona and New Mexico.

What did Coronado find in Zuni?

Following this encounter, Coronado and his men discovered no gold in the Zuni pueblos. However, they did find ample food, producing fields, and a social system that was based on sharing and working together.

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