What happened when Alexander the Great overtook most of Afro-Eurasia?

What were some of the major effects of Alexander the Great’s conquests in Eurasia?

Alexander the Great’s legacy is both far reaching and profound. First, his father was able to unite the Greek city-states, and Alexander destroyed the Persian Empire forever. More importantly, Alexander’s conquests spread Greek culture, also known as Hellenism, across his empire.

What was the major impact of Alexander the Great’s conquest?

Through these conquests, he managed to bring together Greece, Egypt, and the Middle East to form one culture referred to as the Hellenistic civilization. The ideals of the new Hellenistic culture tremendously changed the world even after his death.

Did Alexander the Great conquer parts of Africa?

He spent most of his reign on a military campaign through northeast Africa and southwestern Asia. Alexander built many new cities in the lands he conquered, including Alexandria in Egypt.

What were the effects of Alexander the Great’s conquest of Egypt?

Alexander respected Egyptian culture and religion, but he installed a Greek government to control his administration of Egypt. Greek influence in Egypt was reinforced by the settlement of Greek veterans throughout Egypt, where they became a privileged aristocracy that gradually assimilated with the Egyptians.

Why did Alexander the Great conquer so much land?

While Alexander may have had his own reasons for expanding eastward, “his official reason for wanting to conquer the Achaemenid Persian Empire… was to lead the allied Greeks in a war of liberation: to free forever from Persian control the Greek cities along the Anatolian coast and on the island of Cyprus, and in so

What was Alexander the Great’s biggest achievement?

His reign marked a turning point in European and Asian history. Alexander’s expeditions brought advances in geography and natural sciences and helped shift the major centers of civilization eastward. His greatest contribution was spreading Hellenistic culture from Gibraltar to the Punjab.

Which of Alexander’s conquest do you think was the most significant and why?

Which of Alexander’s conquest do you think was the most significant? When he conquered Persia, it is the largest amount of land and placed the most threat to the Macedonians.

What was one effect of Alexander the Great’s conquests * 1 point?

Answer and Explanation: One effect of Alexander the Great’s conquests was the spread of Greek culture through new areas, a process called Hellenism (Hellas is another term for Greece).

Which of the following was an effect of Alexander the Great’s military conquests quizlet?

Which of the following was an effect of Alexander the greats military conquests? Spreading Greek culture and religion to Persia and India. Which of the following identifies a political event that followed the sudden death of Alexander the Great? Some of Alexander’s generals carved out regional kingdoms for themselves.

What were the effects of Alexander?

Alexander’s invasion of India carried both a political lesson and a political result. The lesson was that divided into small kingdoms, republics and tribal units, the North-West India suffered badly from hands of the foreign invaders. Unity and not the disunity became the need of the time.

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