What is that gold plaque Scottish soldiers wore around their necks?

What is the purpose of a gorget?

Originally, the gorget was a piece of armour that protected the throat or gorge, which date from the fourteenth century, first appearing on suits of armour. Improvements in musketry brought about the gradual demise of protective armour.

What did redcoats wear around their neck?

A gorget /ˈɡɔːrdʒɪt/, from the French gorge meaning throat, was a band of linen wrapped around a woman’s neck and head in the medieval period or the lower part of a simple chaperon hood.

What is a British gorget?

gorget in British English

1. a collar-like piece of armour worn to protect the throat. 2. a part of a wimple worn by women to cover the throat and chest, esp in the 14th century.

Who usually wore a gorget and why?

Burgonets and gorgets were among the most practical and widely used forms of armor for protecting the vital areas of head and neck. Examples like this gorget were worn by common soldiers, mercenaries, and militia troops across Europe.

What is neck guard armor called?


A gorget is a special piece of armor that protects a soldier’s neck. Medieval suits of armor commonly included a circular gorget that fit under the metal breastplate.

What form does a gorget take?

Slate gorget is roughly rectangular with short sides that curve outward and long sides that curve inward, forming a shape that resembles a bow tie. Two small round holes are centered on the long axis and drilled from one side, making them larger on one side than the other.

What did the Redcoats wear?

British soldiers wearing a distinctive scarlet tunic first saw combat on foreign soil at The Battle of the Dunes on June 14, 1658, part of the Franco-Spanish War.

What were the Redcoats carrying with them?

The bright red color of the wool coats made it easier to see each other in clouds of gunpowder smoke during heavy fighting. The soliders had to carry a knapsack, food bag, overcoat, blanket, water canteens, and ammunition (bullets). This was a heavy burden for a soldier to have to carry while marching.

Why did British redcoats wear wigs?

Wigs were commonly used to cover up hair loss, but their use did not become widespread until two Kings started to lose their hair.

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