What were the effects of the Black Death in the Muslim world?

How were Muslims affected by the Black Death?

The Muslim reaction to the Black Death was characterized by organized communal supplication that included processions through the cities and mass funerals in the mosques.

What were 3 major effects of the Black Death?

The plague had large scale social and economic effects, many of which are recorded in the introduction of the Decameron. People abandoned their friends and family, fled cities, and shut themselves off from the world. Funeral rites became perfunctory or stopped altogether, and work ceased being done.

What was the Black Death in the Islamic world?

The Black Death (1347 – 1351 CE) was the first and greatest of the many plague outbreaks of the second plague pandemic in the Middle East (1347 CE to 1877 CE).

What are some of the effects of the Black Death on religion?

When the Black Death struck Europe in 1347, the increasingly secular Church was forced to respond when its religious, spiritual, and instructive capabilities were found wanting. 2 The Black Death exacerbated this decline of faith in the Church because it exposed its vulnerability to Christian society.

What was the impact of the Muslims in Africa?

Islam came with several impacts on African civilization. It cut across family and ethnic institutions and emphasized unity. Second it brought about a more efficient administration, judicial systems, and taxation in some places such as Western Sudan that employed educated Muslims into public positions.

How did Africa affect Islam?

Islam promoted trade between West Africa and the Mediterranean. The religion developed and widened the trans-Saharan Caravan trade. The trade enriched the West African and the Muslim traders. Muslims from North Africa came in their numbers and settled in the commercial centres.

What were the effects on the Black Death?

The consequences of this violent catastrophe were many. A cessation of wars and a sudden slump in trade immediately followed but were only of short duration. A more lasting and serious consequence was the drastic reduction of the amount of land under cultivation, due to the deaths of so many labourers.

What was the biggest impact of the Black Death?

The epidemic killed 30 to 50 percent of the entire population of Europe. Between million people died in a few years’ time, starting in 1348 when the plague reached London.

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