What were the ranks in the Army of Imperial Spain?

What are the ranks in the Spanish Army?

Military Ranks

  • Soldado – private.
  • Cabo – corporal.
  • Alferez – sergeant.
  • Sub-teniente – second lieutenant.
  • Teniente – Lieutenant.
  • Capitan – Captain.
  • Comandante – Major.
  • Teniente Coronel – Lieutenant Colonel.

What were the Spanish elite units?

A tercio (pronounced [ˈteɾθjo]; Spanish for “[a] third”) was a military unit of the Spanish Army during the reign of the Spanish Habsburgs in the early modern period. The tercios were renowned for the effectiveness of their battlefield formations, forming the elite military units of the Spanish Monarchy.

What were Spanish soldiers called?

Spanish soldiers were called, Soldados de Cuera, (leather soldiers), because of their armor. The cuera was a heavy sleeveless coat made of several layers of leather.

What is the highest rank in the Spanish Army?

General of the Army (Spain)

What were the ranks of medieval Spanish?

The ordinary Spanish nobility is divided into six ranks. From highest to lowest, these are: Duque (Duke), Marqués (Marquess), Conde (Count), Vizconde (Viscount), Barón (Baron), and Señor (Lord) (as well as the feminine forms of these titles).

What are the 13 ranks in the army?

There are 13 enlisted Army ranks: private, private second class, private first class, specialist, corporal, sergeant, staff sergeant, sergeant first class, master sergeant, first sergeant, sergeant major, command sergeant major and sergeant major of the Army.

What was the Spanish upper class called?

The principalía or noble class was the ruling and usually educated upper class in the pueblos of Spanish Philippines, comprising the gobernadorcillo (later called the capitán municipal and had functions similar to a town mayor), tenientes de justicia (lieutenants of justice), and the cabezas de barangay (heads of the

Who were the Spanish upper class?

Those who ruled rural Spain were uppermost in a society of classes in which the most important people were the nobility and the clergy, who owned the best lands and in total were the owners of more than the half of the cultivated land. Under them, there were the peasants, artisans and the bourgeois.

What was the highest class in Spanish colonies?

In the Latin American colonies, individuals that were born in Spain and then moved to the Americas were in the highest class. They were called peninsulares because they were born on the Spanish peninsula. These powerful elite only made up two percent of the population. Creoles were next in line.

Is Spain as a powerful army?

Not bad at all – in terms of comparisons, Spain’s overall military power is comparable to that of Australia, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. According to Global Firepower’s data, Spain has 215,000 total military personnel.

Does Spain have a strong army?

They are composed of: the Army, the Air and Space Force, the Navy, the Royal Guard and the Military Emergencies Unit, as well as the so-called Common Corps. Spain is one of the most militarily powerful nations of the European Union (EUFOR) and Eurocorps.

What rank is Cabo in English?


The three junior ranks are called “corporal” (cabo) in both the Navy and the Air Force, while in the Army the third rank is called “sergeant” (sargento).

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