When did flogging and other corporal punishments get abolished in Europe?

Most European countries have partially or completely banned the corporal punishment of children in schools and at home, in compliance with the European Social Charter—adopted in 1961 and revised in 1996—which protects children from physical abuse.

When was flogging abolished?

Corporal punishment no longer exists in the legal systems of most developed nations of the world. The last floggings in the United States, for example, were carried out in the state of Delaware in 1952 (the practice was abolished there in 1972).

When did corporal punishment end?

It would be considered a landmark case four years later, when the government introduced the Education Act (1986) which abolished corporal punishment in state schools.

When was flogging abolished in Russia?

Knouts were used in Russia for flogging as formal corporal punishment of criminals and political offenders. Emperor Nicholas I abolished the punishment by knout in 1845, and replaced it with the pletei, lashes with three thongs which could end in lead balls.

When did Germany ban corporal punishment?


Evaluating the Subtle Impact of a Ban on Corporal Punishment of Children in Germany. This study examined the effects of a German law passed in 2000 prohibiting corporal punishment in the family, specifically on behavior, attitudes, or communication of parents and children.

What country abolished flogging?

Saudi Arabia

The Supreme Court of Saudi Arabia recently abolished flogging as a punishment in the country. This is seen as the latest in a series of measures to reform the orthodox government.

When was the last flogging in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, JCP generally was abolished in 1948; however, it persisted in prisons as a punishment for prisoners committing serious assaults on prison staff (ordered by visiting justices) until it was abolished by section 65 of the Criminal Justice Act 1967. The last ever prison flogging happened in 1962.

Is corporal punishment legal in Europe?

The Czech Republic is the only country in the European Union that does not outlaw child corporal punishment or plan to introduce such a law.

When did corporal punishment start and end?

Corporal punishment in public schools was banned in 1914, but remained de facto commonplace until 1984, when a law banning all corporal punishment of minors, whether in schools or in the home, was introduced.

When did corporal punishment end in Britain?

Corporal punishment was prohibited in all state-supported education in 1986. The prohibition was extended to cover private schools in England and Wales in 1998, in Scotland in 2000, and in Northern Ireland in 2003.

When was the last flogging in the Navy?

This was often fatal, and sailors could have been whipped dozens of times by the end of it. Finally outlawed in 1806, flogging as a general practice, though, was not suspended in peacetime until 1881. Even now, it is still technically not completely removed from possible punishments.

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