Where can I find history of Pune or `Peshwa’s`?

Who was the first king of Pune?

Hereditary Peshwas from Bhat family

Sr. Name Reign Began C.E.
1 Balaji Vishwanath (Sixth appointed Peshwa) 1713
2 Baji Rao I (Seventh appointed Peshwa) 1720
3 Balaji Bajirao (Eighth appointed Peshwa) 1740
4 Madhav-Rao I (First hereditary Peshwa) 1761

What is the nickname of Pune?

Queen of Deccan

Pune – Queen of Deccan or Oxford of the East
So, it was given the name of Queen of Deccan. Pune is called as the Oxford of the East due to having the more number of educational institutes and centers than any other place in India.

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