Which of the Nuremberg defendants spoke English, French, or Russian?

What language were the Nuremberg trials?

In order to do so, the trial needed to be conducted simultaneously in English, Russian, German, and French for the American, British, Russian, and French judges and prosecutors and also for the German defendants and their defense counsel.

Did von Ribbentrop speak English?

Fluent in both French and English, young Ribbentrop lived at various times in Grenoble, France and London, before travelling to Canada in 1910.

Was the Nuremberg Trial simultaneous translation?

The Nuremberg trials were an early experiment in simultaneous translation. The charter of the International Military Tribunal stated that the defendants had the right to a fair trial and that, accordingly, all proceedings be translated into a language that the defendants understood.

Who were the interpreters of the Nuremberg trials?

Capt. Macintosh of the British Army translates from French into English, while Margot Bortlin translates from German into English and Lt. Ernest Peter Uiberall monitors the translations. Auxiliary interpreters also assisted the proceedings.

How many languages were spoken at the Nuremberg trials?

At Nuremberg, the judges, defense and prosecution teams, and defendants spoke four different languages. A fair trial depended upon proceedings that everyone could understand.

What were the Nuremberg trials in English?

The trials uncovered the German leadership that supported the Nazi dictatorship. Of the 177 defendants, 24 were sentenced to death, 20 to lifelong imprisonment, and 98 other prison sentences. Twenty five defendants were found not guilty. Many of the prisoners were released early in the 1950s as a result of pardons.

What was Hitler’s first language?

Antonescu was fluent in French (interwar Romania was such a Francophile nation that fluency in French was de rigueur if one wanted to advance socially), but Hitler spoke no language other than German.

What did Soviets do to German prisoners?

Approximately three million German prisoners of war were captured by the Soviet Union during World War II, most of them during the great advances of the Red Army in the last year of the war. The POWs were employed as forced labor in the Soviet wartime economy and post-war reconstruction.

Was Goering shot in the groin?

Göring, who was with Hitler leading the march to the War Ministry, was shot in the groin. Fourteen Nazis and four policemen were killed; many top Nazis, including Hitler, were arrested. With Carin’s help, Göring was smuggled to Innsbruck, where he received surgery and was given morphine for the pain.

What language did they use in ww1?

In this context, it comes as no surprise to find French, the language of the ally on whose territory the conflict played out, and German, the language of the enemy, having a similar influence on English during World War I.

Who were interpreters in World War 2?

Roughly 6,000 Japanese Americans served as translators and interpreters with the Military Intelligence Service (MIS) in the Pacific, using the language of their parents and grandparents to shorten the war and save lives.

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