Who are the WWII German Officers in this picture?

What were German officers called in ww2?

The Wehrmacht

The Wehrmacht directed combat operations during World War II (from 1 September 1939 – 8 May 1945) as the German Reich’s armed forces umbrella command-organization.

Who were the top German generals in ww2?

Nazi Germany (1933–45)

Name Date of promotion Branch
Hermann Göring (1893–1946) 4 February 1938 Luftwaffe
Fedor von Bock (1880–1945) 19 July 1940 German Army
Walther von Brauchitsch (1881–1948) 19 July 1940 German Army
Albert Kesselring (1885–1960) 19 July 1940 Luftwaffe

Who was the last German soldier killed in ww2?

Albert Mayer (soldier)

Albert Otto Walter Mayer
Died 2 August 1914 (aged 22) Joncherey, France
Buried German Military Cemetery, Alsace, France
Allegiance German Empire
Service/branch Imperial German Army

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