Why did Sørlle weep at the ending of “Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage” by Alfred Lansing?

What happens in the end of Endurance?

At the end of October, 1915, the Endurance finally succumbs to the intense pressure and is slowly crushed. The crew, led by Shackleton, abandons ship and makes camp on a huge floe of pack ice. They salvage as much food and material as possible, and the expedition’s dogs, sledges, and boats, are stockpiled on the floe.

What happened to the crew of the Endurance after they were rescued?

The Weddell Sea party’s ship Endurance was crushed in pack ice and the crossing attempt was never made. All the Weddell Sea party were rescued, but several members of the Ross Sea party perished after their support ship Aurora broke free from its mooring post and drifted away, leaving the shore party stranded.

How did the crew of the Endurance survive?

The Fate of the Crew

In the end, all 28 crew from the Endurance survived — but only by a narrow margin. The 22 survivors on Elephant Island had overturned their two lifeboats to form improvised shelters, and subsisted on meat from seals and penguins they hunted.

Why did the Endurance sink?

The ship was crushed by sea-ice and sank in 1915, forcing Shackleton and his men to make an astonishing escape on foot and in small boats. Video of the remains show Endurance to be in remarkable condition.

What did the crew eat on the Endurance?

At the end of the journey—when the men basically had no carbohydrates left to eat—they had trouble performing physical labor. They subsisted on mainly seal, penguin, and seaweed.

What was the point of the Endurance?

Endurance Is Locked in by Ice

Chippy. The goal of expedition leader Shackleton, who had twice fallen short—once agonizingly so—of reaching the South Pole, was to establish a base on Antarctica’s Weddell Sea coast.

Why did the crew of the Endurance abandon ship?

Endurance too encountered difficulties, becoming stuck in the dense pack ice in early 1915 and the crew had no choice but to abandon ship and set up a makeshift camp on the ice, as the sea ice overwhelmed the ship.

Why did the Endurance get stuck?

The Endurance was under heavy pressure from the ice and not held in a good position, instead of being able to slip upwards with the increasing pressure, the ice had hold of her.

Did the crew survive the sinking of the Endurance?

All of the crew survived her sinking and were eventually rescued in 1916 after using the ship’s boats to travel to Elephant Island and Shackleton, the ship’s captain Frank Worsley, and four others made a voyage to seek help.

Did any dogs survive the Endurance?

Nevertheless, Shackleton also brought dogs to Antarctica for his Endurance expedition. Tom Crean (right) took care of the animals, many of which gave birth to offspring. In the end, however, none of the dogs survived the expedition, but all of the men under Shackleton’s command did.

Did the cat on the Endurance survive?

Mrs Chippy, the cat, belonged to her owner, Harry McNeish, a carpenter who worked for Ernest Shackleton on the Endurance ship . Shackleton had killed the cat and sled dogs after the Endurance ship was crushed by ice in the Weddell Sea.

Who was the last surviving member of the Endurance?

Lionel Greenstreet served in the merchant navy and joined the Endurance just 24 hours before it left Plymouth, England. The original first officer had resigned in order to join the war effort (1st world war). A master Mariner and eventually the last surviving member of the expedition.

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