Why did the Spanish take the island of Annobon in the Treaty of El Pardo in 1778?

How did Spain take over Equatorial Guinea?

In 1861, to regain control of and colonize the island, Spain sent 260 emancipated Cubans to Bioko and forced them to join another group of political prisoners. The island was finally an official Spanish colony named Spanish Guinea.

Why did Spain colonize Equatorial Guinea?

Spain intended to start slave-trading operations on the mainland. Between 1778 and 1810, the territory of Equatorial Guinea was administered by the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata, based in Buenos Aires.

When did Spain lose Equatorial Guinea?

However, the last Spanish colony to claim independence from Spain in 1968 was a territory in West Africa—Equatorial Guinea—a nation-state where Spanish still serves as the official language. A few years before Spanish Guinea’s independence in 1968, exports per capita were the highest in Africa.

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