Why didn’t the US choose to demolish Tokyo with an atom bomb?

Tokyo, as well as many of Japan’s other major cities, had already been heavily damaged by previous bombings. It would not have been as effective to bomb a city that was already mostly destroyed, so these “lesser” cities that were still in tact were selected instead. 

Why did the Americans not drop the atomic bomb on Tokyo?

Because the center of government was in Tokyo. The Center of business and industry was there. The emperor was in Tokyo. If we had dropped an atomic bomb on Tokyo there would be nobody to negotiate the surrender with.

Why did the US decide to drop the bombs instead of invading Japan?

Truman stated that his decision to drop the bomb was purely military. A Normandy-type amphibious landing would have cost an estimated million casualties. Truman believed that the bombs saved Japanese lives as well. Prolonging the war was not an option for the President.

Was it ethical for the US to drop atomic bombs on Japan?

The dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima was justified at the time as being moral – in order to bring about a more rapid victory and prevent the deaths of more Americans. However, it was clearly not moral to use this weapon knowing that it would kill civilians and destroy the urban milieu.

Was Tokyo destroyed by the atomic bomb?

16 square miles (41 km2; 10,000 acres) of central Tokyo were destroyed, leaving an estimated 100,000 civilians dead and over one million homeless. In comparison, the atomic bombing of Nagasaki resulted in the immediate death of between 39,000 and 80,000 people.

Why did the US not drop an atomic bomb on Germany?

The industrial and scientific capability of Germany was insufficient for the scope of this project. Thus America dropped the atomic bomb on August 6th, not Germany.

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