Why didn’t Turkish become an official language in former Ottoman colonies in the Middle-East and North Africa?

Did they speak Turkish in the Ottoman Empire?

The language of the court and government of the Ottoman Empire was Ottoman Turkish, but many other languages were in contemporary use in parts of the empire.

What language did Ottoman Turks speak?

Ottoman Turkish | Turkish Language Studies. Ottoman Turkish is the variety of the Turkish language that was used in the Ottoman Empire. Ottoman Turkish was based on Anatolian Turkish and used in the Ottoman Empire for administrative and literary language between 1299 to 1923.

Why did Turkey change its language?

With the establishment of the republic, Atatürk made language reform an important part of the nationalist program. The goal was to produce a language that was more Turkish and less Arabic, Persian, and Islamic; one that was more modern, practical, and precise, and less difficult to learn.

Why is it not accurate to call the Ottoman Empire Turkish?

Why is it not accurate to call the Ottoman Empire “Turkish”? This empire included a number of cultures in addition to the Turks. What economic strategy did the Ottomans use to strengthen their empire?

Who changed the Turkish language?


The language reforms initiated by Ataturk between the 1920s and 1930s, introduced a new alphabet and minimized Persian and Arabic loan words in the Turkish language. With a new set of cultural and governmental institutions, the Modern Turkish Language transformed an entire generation of language learners.

What language did Turks speak before Turkish?

The Seljuqs of the Oghuz Turks, in particular, brought their language, Oghuz—the direct ancestor of today’s Turkish language—into Anatolia during the 11th century.

What is the oldest Turkic language?

Orkhon Turkic

Orkhon Turkic (also Göktürk) is the language used in the oldest known written Turkic texts.

Why is Türkiye called Turkey?

Official name change

The reason given in the circular for preferring Türkiye was that it “represents and expresses the culture, civilisation, and values of the Turkish nation in the best way“. According to Turkish state broadcaster TRT World, it was also to avoid a pejorative association with turkey, the bird.

Who invented Turkish language?

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Who spoke Turkish in the Ottoman Empire?

The Ottomans had three influential languages. The three languages were known as “Alsina-i Thalātha” (The Three Languages) and included Turkish, Arabic, and Farsi. The majority spoke Turkish of people in Anatolia. The majority of the Muslims in the Balkans also used Turkish as their mother tongue.

When was Turkish first spoken?

The Turkish language may have its origins as early as 8,500 years ago, and is one of the many Turkic languages spoken in a wide geographical area spread across Europe and Asia. Because of its history as a language spoken by a diverse range of nomadic groups, it’s hard to tell exactly where Turkish was first spoken.

Is Ottoman Turkish same as Turkish?

Ottoman Turkish differs from modern Turkish in that it is written in Arabic script with many words from Arabic and Persian. Modern Turkish uses a Roman alphabet. The resources on this page are listed first for English speakers followed by those for Turkish speakers.

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