Why was the Mughal Empire Persian oriented?

Persian was the official language of the Mughal Empire because the first Mughal emperor Babur, came from Afghanistan. Persian is a native language of Iran, which means that Persian spread towards Afghanistan. So when the Mughal empire came to India, they bought over Persian is well.

Why did Mughals use Persian?

So the Mughals adopted not only the Persian culture, but they also promoted Persian language and literature to give them a feeling of being at home.

Why was Persian culture so prominent at the Mughal court?

Answer. Answer: because they were greatly influenced by the art and culture of the Persians.

Were the Mughals Persian?

The Mughals (also spelled Moghul or Mogul) are a number of culturally related clans of Indo-Turkic people in North India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. They claim they are descended from the various Central Asian Mongolic and Turkic tribes and Persians that settled in the region.

What were the motivations for Mughals for making Persian their court language?

Solution : The Mughal had cultural and intellectual contacts with Iran. Persian was used in the Court of Iran. The Iranians and Central Asian migrants sought positions in the Mughal Courts
Persian was elevated to a language of empire, conferring power and prestige on those who had a command of it.

Did Mughals speak Urdu or Persian?

The Mughal period was the golden era for the Persian language. The Mughals made Persian their official language.

Why was Persian used in India?

Mughal rule brought a highly Persianised court and administration to Bengal, as well as an influx of Iranians and northern Indians. This established Persian as a language of public affairs and courtly circles, and an indispensable tool of social mobility.

Why was the Persian Empire so special?

The Persians were the first people to establish regular routes of communication between three continents—Africa, Asia and Europe. They built many new roads and developed the world’s first postal service.

Why was the Persian Empire so successful?

The Persian Empire was successful because of effective military leadership and novel civil developments.

How was Persian language flourished in Mughal court?

Persian was made the leading language of the Mughal court by Akbar. He was inspired and motivated to do so because of his cultural and intellectual contacts with Iran. He was also aware of the fact that many migrants from Iran and Central Asia were eager to seek positions at the Mughal court.

How did Persia influence India?

Persian was important official language of India during Ghaznavid Period, Mughal Period and Afghan Period, and Persian influenced many of the Indian languages. The ancient Persian emperors created art in many forms including metalwork, rock carvings, weaving and architecture.

Was India ruled by Persians?

Cyrus succeeded in bringing under Persian control all the Indian tribes west of the Indus like Gandhara. Punjab and Sindh were annexed by Darius I, Cyrus’s grandson. Son of Darius, Xerxes, could not move ahead with the further conquest of India because of war with the Greeks.

Who made Persian as the court language of the Mughal court?


Akbar consciously made Persian the leading language of the Mughal Court.” Justify the statement with the efforts made by him.

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