Why were British ships not of the same quality as French and Spanish ships until the latter part of the 18th century?

Why was the British navy better than the French?

The Royal Navy only had this advantage because the British ships spent months at sea, so the captains were able to give their crew constant exercise at the guns, whereas the French and Spanish were stuck in port due to the British blockade, so rarely got the opportunity to do any serious practice.

What type of ship were battleships classified as during the late 18th century?

During the late 18th century, battleships were classified as ships-of-the-line. During 1775, a special watercraft was completed to fight the British Navy.

What were the 18th century Spanish warships?

The San José and the Santissima Trinidad were 18th century Spanish warships. Both ships were involved in sea battles involving Nelson.

What are three facts about the British ship of the line?

Built in Portsmouth in 1510–1512, she was one of the earliest purpose-built men-of-war in the English navy. She was over 500 tons burthen and had a keel of over 32 metres (105 ft) and a crew of over 200 sailors, composed of 185 soldiers and 30 gunners.

Why did Britain have such a good navy?

The British Navy scored its greatest victories largely because it was better organized, better financed and better equipped than its enemies. For this, Pepys gets much of the credit. In the Elizabethan era, ships were thought of as little more than transport vehicles for troops.

Who has a better navy France or UK?

The Royal Navy is made up of 32,450 regular, trained personnel (including Royal Marines); compared with the French Navy’s 35,000. :: Combat and Support Ships – 69 French (excluding training vessels and tugs) vs 73 British. :: Nuclear-capable ballistic missile submarines – 4 each.

Why are battleships no longer used?

World War II gave the world’s navies a crash course in the next phase of war at sea. The pointy end of the spear became aircraft, guided weapons (missiles and torpedoes) and submarines—not the guns on board a ship—thus largely ending of the utility of the battleship in the open ocean.

What is the most feared battleship?

Yamato ‘s Last Voyage. On her last morning, before the first American planes intercepted her, Yamato would have appeared indestructible. After all, she was the heaviest and most powerful battleship ever built, carrying the most formidable guns ever mounted at sea.

What is the oldest battleship still in use?

USS Constitution is the oldest commissioned ship in the United States Navy. Naval officers and crew still serve aboard the ship today. The USS Constitution is operated by the United States Navy, a partner to the National Parks of Boston.

Why did Britain think it had to have the strongest navy in Europe?

The Royal Navy was by far the most powerful of the world’s fleets. It kept the British Isles immune from invasion and was also primed to blockade enemy ports in time of war.

Did the French Navy ever beat the British?

In a hard-fought effort, the French under de Grasse managed to repulse a British fleet at the Battle of the Chesapeake in 1781, ensuring that the Franco-American ground forces would win the ongoing Battle of Yorktown.

Was the British Navy the best?

From the mid 18th century, the Royal Navy was the world’s most powerful navy. It was an unmatched power and played a key part in ascertaining order in the British Empire. It was exceeded by the United States Navy only during World War II.

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