10 Things to Know About the Market of the Macabre

The second annual Market of the Macabre is on it’s way to Laurel Hill Cemetery. On Saturday, September 8th, vendors will descend upon our necropolis offering oddities, antiques, and handmade baubles to all the spooky souls who come visiting.

We are so excited to fling wide the cemetery gates and welcome the hundreds upon hundreds of shoppers seeking something out of the ordinary. But before you jump into your hearse and roll our way, there are a few very important things to know.

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Bring Cash!

Yes, some vendors will have the ability to take credit cards, but in order to get through the gates, there is a $5 CASH ONLY entry fee! Credit cards CANNOT be accepted at the door. Cash can also be helpful for the food trucks and if you want to purchase any BOOze at the beer garden!

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Parking is VERY Limited!

We really can not stress this enough. Last year, we estimate that we had nearly 2,000 shoppers visiting our market, and while we are thrilled to the point of grave dancing about that turnout, pre-planning your arrival will avoid parking headaches for you.

Limited parking will be in place in a few local lots, and we can park some cars in the cemetery, but we are urging our guests to rely on public transportation, services like Uber or Lyft, carpooling, or riding bikes. Shoppers should also know that they will have a bit of a walk ahead of them regardless of where they park.

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The Event is Rain or Shine!

Barring severe weather like heavy storms, the show must go on! Be aware that our market will be taking place, rain or shine, and plan accordingly. Watch the weather to find out if you should pack an umbrella, or don your spookiest Wellies.

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There are 60 Vendors Attending

Ceramics, jewelry, clothing, antiques, books, artwork, decor, soaps… you name it, we probably have it. Our Market of the Macabre brings together merchants and artisans dealing in the extraordinary and the eerie. It’s the perfect chance to do some pre-Halloween shopping – but we happen to think that the things you buy at our market should be prominently displayed all year long. Be sure to watch all the slideshows in this post to see a sampling from each vendor!

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Food Trucks Will be on Location

Shopping for Halloweeny wares is hungry work. Visitors are always welcome to bring in snacks, but we will also have a few food trucks on site. Be sure to visit and try some sinful sweets or succulent savories as you make your way around the stones.

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There’s Beer!

The East Falls Beer Garden will be on site selling a variety of beers to thirsty shoppers. Yet another excellent reason to bring cash with you the day of the market!

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The Market is Open From Noon to 5PM

Vendors will have their wares on display for five hours on Saturday September 8th. Visitors are welcome to come join us at any time during the market’s hours, but we always think earlier is better, especially if you have your eye on a particular item. Get it before it sells out!

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Take Some Time to Tour the Cemetery While You’re Here

At any time, you can download our free tour app to your smartphone by visiting LHC.TOURS. Our app offers maps, and guided audio tours which will bring you to some of our most famous permanent residents, and our most show-stopping monuments. Choose from “Lore and Legend,” “Art and Architecture,” or “Pop Culture and Contemporary Stories.” Take a stroll, enjoy the river views, and post loads of pictures.

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Dress in Your Best Victorian and/or Steampunk Attire

If Laurel Hill Cemetery is about anything, it’s atmosphere, and we want you in on it too! Guests are HIGHLY encouraged to dress in their best Victorian attire, steampunk creations, or gothy getups. Take lots of pictures, and be sure to tag us on social media so we can see your finery! @laurelhillcem #laurelhillcemetery #marketofthemacabre

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It’s Never Too Early to Kick Off the Halloween Season

September 8th marks 53 days until All Hallow’s Eve, and we think that’s the perfect time to dive into your planning and celebrations (assuming you haven’t already). Fall is right around the corner, so why not spend an afternoon between seasons and between worlds here in our beautiful and ethereal Victorian cemetery?

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We hope you’ll come party with the living and the dead for our Market of the Macabre. Last year’s inaugural market was a smash success, and we’re anticipating an even bigger and better event this year.

To stay on top of all our events, be sure to sign up for our mailing list!

2 thoughts on “10 Things to Know About the Market of the Macabre

  1. Lichelle Delgado August 30, 2018 — 5:32 pm

    Hi I am attending this weekend and was wandering can I pk in cemetery away from vendors if I have handicap plates, and my card to show that I am handicapped? If not any suggestions? I have a very bad lower back besides many other illnesses.


    1. Hi Lichelle, We will certainly do our best! When you arrive, let every parking volunteer you see (yellow vests) that you need handicapped parking, and we will get you as close to the merchant site as we can.


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