Are There Still Burials in Laurel Hill?

Laurel Hill Cemetery, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a historic cemetery established in 1836. It is known for its beautiful and serene atmosphere, as well as its unique burial practices, such as the use of “cradle graves” for children. But many people wonder, are there still burials at Laurel Hill Cemetery today?

The answer is yes. While the cemetery is primarily a historical site and tourist attraction, it is still an active cemetery that accepts new burials. In fact, Laurel Hill Cemetery is one of the few cemeteries in the United States that allows the interment of cremated remains in traditional graves.

While the cemetery is not as active as it was in the 19th and early 20th centuries, when it was one of the most popular burial grounds in the country, there are still several burials each year. These burials typically take place in existing family plots or in new plots purchased by the family of the deceased.

In addition to traditional burials, Laurel Hill Cemetery offers a variety of other burial options, including mausoleums, columbaria, and scattering gardens. These options allow families to choose the type of burial that best suits their needs and preferences.

Despite its active status as a cemetery, Laurel Hill is also a popular destination for tourists and history buffs. The cemetery is home to many notable figures from Philadelphia’s past, including politicians, industrialists, and Civil War-era generals. The cemetery also hosts a variety of events and tours throughout the year, including guided tours, concerts, and festivals.

In conclusion, while Laurel Hill Cemetery is best known for its historical significance and unique burial practices, it is also an active cemetery that continues to accept new burials. The cemetery offers a range of burial options, from traditional burials to scattering gardens, and remains an important part of Philadelphia’s cultural heritage. Whether you are visiting to pay your respects to a loved one or to explore the history of the cemetery, Laurel Hill is a fascinating and beautiful destination well worth a visit.

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