Before 1 July 1997, could British Nationals (Overseas) born in Hong Kong acquire British citizenship?

Someone who was a British overseas territories citizenBritish overseas territories citizenIf you were born on or after 1 January 1983

You’re a British overseas territories citizen if both the following apply: you were born in a British overseas territory. at the time of your birth one of your parents was a British overseas territories citizen or legally settled in a British overseas territory.

Can I get British citizenship if I was born in Hong Kong?

You may be eligible to apply if you’re ‘ordinarily resident’ in Hong Kong at the date of your application and: you were ordinarily resident there on 3 February 1997. your parents were ordinarily resident there at the time of your birth if you’re a child born after 3 February 1997.

Are people born in Hong Kong before 1997 British?

Hong Kong was part of the UK and Colonies from 01.01. 1949 up until 01.01.1983. It was then a British Dependent Territory up until 01.07. 1997 at which point it China took over control.

What is my nationality if I was born in Hong Kong before 1997?

Chinese nationality

This is reflected in the position the Hong Kong Immigration Department has on Hong Kong permanent residents of Chinese nationality who were Hong Kong permanent residents immediately before 1 July 1997 and hold non-Chinese nationality or citizenship.

Can British overseas citizen apply for British citizenship?

You may be eligible to apply to ‘register’ as a British citizen if you have British nationality. There’s one way to apply for people with most types of British nationality. You cannot apply this way if you are a citizen or national of another country, or a British overseas territories citizen.

Can I apply BNO passport if I was born after 1997?

Requirement: age. A BN(O) status holder must be aged 18 or over on the date of application. A BN(O) Household Child must be under the age of 18 at the date of application. A BN(O) Household Member must have been born on or after 1 July 1997 and must be aged 18 or over on the date of application.

What is your citizenship if you are born in Hong Kong?

Chinese citizens

As a special administrative region of China, Hong Kong does not have its own nationality law and natural-born residents are generally Chinese citizens.

How do I become a British citizen in Hong Kong?

The Government has created a new visa for people from Hong Kong with British National (Overseas) status. The five year visa will enable BN(O)s and their dependent family members to live, work and study in the UK, and give them a route to permanent settlement and British citizenship.

What is the difference between British national overseas and British citizen?

If you are a British citizen, you can freely live and work in the United Kingdom without immigration controls. A British overseas territories citizen is someone who is part of the United Kingdom colonies, because they themselves or their parents or grandparents became the citizens of these territories on January 1.

Who is eligible for BNO passport Hong Kong?

To be eligible for a BNO passport, you must be 18 or older, have British National (Overseas) Status and generally reside in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or Isle of Man.

How do I apply for British citizenship by descent?

British citizenship is normally automatically passed down one generation to children born outside the UK. For example, you might automatically become a citizen if you’re born outside the UK to a British parent.
You were born outside the UK

  1. on or after .
  2. between 1983 and June 2006.
  3. before 1983.

How long can you live outside the UK without losing citizenship?

You are allowed to spend time outside of the UK so long as these periods of absence do not exceed 6 months at any one time. It does not matter how much time you spend outside of the UK in total during the required 5-year continuous residence period provided you return each time after a maximum of 6 months.

Can I lose my British citizenship if I live abroad?

Voting and citizenship
Your UK citizenship will not be affected if you move or retire abroad.

How long does Hksar passport last UK?

Duration of Stay: 180 days.

Can UK citizens live in Hong Kong?

As a general rule, any person other than those who have the right of abode or right to land in Hong Kong, must obtain an employment visa before taking up employment. Please visit the Hong Kong Immigration website for further information.

Is dual citizenship allowed in Hong Kong?

Dual nationality is not legally recognised in Hong Kong under Chinese law, but the rules have never been enforced, diplomats said. Hong Kong is home to 300,000 Canadian, 100,000 Australian and 85,000 American passport holders – many of them dual nationals.

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