In WW2, what was the barrel-change rate of the Bofors 40-mm?

The rate of fire was normally about 120 rounds per minute (2.0 rounds per second), which improved slightly when the barrels were closer to the horizontal as gravity assisted the feeding from the top-mounted magazine.

Why was the Bofors gun so good?

The weapon was one of the most successful of its kind and was praised for its speed and precision. The gun could be used against moving targets in the air and against ground-based targets and was available in several versions – the most popular of which was on a mobile gun carriage for the army.

Is Bofors 40mm still used?

The Bofors 40 mm L/60 would however continue to see service long after becoming obsolete as an anti-aircraft weapon due to the massive number of surplus guns from WWII, and a small number of Bofors 40 mm L/60 guns remain in service today. Some weapons saw action as late as the Gulf War and Yugoslav Wars.

Did the Germans use the Bofors?

Beyond countries that bought and produced the guns, hundreds were captured by Germany from British and Dutch forces in 1940, while Japan obtained Bofors when it conquered the Dutch East Indies in 1942.

What was the best anti-aircraft gun ww2?

FHCAM – 88 mm Flak 37 Anti-Aircraft Gun. The “88” was the most famous and feared artillery weapon of World War II.

How heavy is a 40mm shell?

Description: Romanian 40×46 mm low-velocity high-explosive cartridge. Construction: The shell is made of steel and has a point fuze.
Grenade 40 NATO Exploziva.

Grenade 40 NATO Exploziva data
Cartridge length 112 mm (4.4 in)
Cartridge weight 370 g (13 oz)
Shell weight 245 g (8.6 oz)
Muzzle velocity 75 m/s (250 ft/s)

Why is the Bofors 40mm so good?

The Bofors had a maximum range of 11,133 yards and could hit targets just over 22,000 feet high. It could fire as many as two rounds a second, but given the need to manually reload with five-round clips, it was more likely to fire about 90 rounds a minute tops. The M42 Duster was built around a twin Bofors 40mm gun.

What is the most effective anti-aircraft weapon?

Top 5 best anti-aircraft missile systems in the World

  • #5 – Chinese HQ-9 long-range anti-aircraft missile system.
  • #4 – U.S. SAM MM-104 “Patriot”
  • #3 – French-Italian SAMP-T complex (Eurosam)
  • #2 – Israeli SAM or GTAM David.
  • #1 – Russian anti-aircraft system S-400 Triumf.

How fast does an anti-aircraft gun shoot?

about 1700 feet per second

A.A. gun with a muzzle velocity of about 1700 feet per second and a maximum ceiling of about 15,000 feet against the older types of aircraft, the latest developments compelled them to reconsider the position and to produce new and improved designs.

What is the range of Bofors?

Bofors with a range of over 35 km in the high-altitude terrain proved to be the difference between the two armies in Kargil. Bofors could fire three rounds in 12 seconds.

Who owns Bofors?

BAE Systems AB

Present ownership
The British company BAE Systems acquired UDI and its Bofors subsidiary in 2005, and BAE Systems Bofors is now a business unit of the Swedish subdivision BAE Systems AB, while the Swedish unit Saab Bofors Dynamics is part of Saab AB.

What is the biggest caliber Gatling gun?

GAU-19/B Lightweight Gatling Gun Technical Specifications

Gun type .50 caliber, three barrels
Dispersion 2.0 – 5.0 milliradians diameter, 80 percent circle
Recoil force 575 pounds at 1,300 shots per minute
Ammunition capacity 500 – 1,200 rounds
Ammunition Standard NATO .50 caliber M9-linked

What is the Bofors scandal?

The Bofors scandal was a major weapons-contract political scandal that occurred between India and Sweden during the 1980s and 1990s, initiated by Indian National Congress politicians and implicating the Indian prime minister, Rajiv Gandhi, and several other members of the Indian and Swedish governments who were accused

How large is a 40mm shell?

Physical description. cartridge case, shell This is a fired 40mm Bofors cartridge case that was made in 1939. It is 31cm long (case only), with an internal diameter of 4cm, and is displayed with a non-original shell.

How much does a 40mm grenade round cost?

Much like the HV TP-DNT design, the new round will meet the user’s requirement for training effectiveness during day, at night, and through the use of night vision goggles and thermal sights. The tactical rounds cost $50 or $60, compared to the current day training rounds, which will cost around $7.

How effective are 40mm grenades?

Whereas a hand-held grenade can be thrown tens of meters (at most), a rifle-mounted grenade launcher has a range of up to 400 meters. But an AGL (Automatic Grenade Launcher) with a high velocity 40mm gun gets you an effective range of around two kilometers (2000m), Stadheim explains.