In WW2, why didn’t Japan invade Macau?

Portugal owned Macau during the Second World War and it was neutral in during the conflict. Japan respected that neutrality (although ironically not the neutrality of Portuguese East Timor) and never attacked the island itself.

Why was Macau handed over to China?

The Chinese government rejected this proposal, believing that an early transfer of Macau would impact relations with Hong Kong. On 31 December 1975, the Portuguese government withdrew its remaining troops from Macau.

Transfer of sovereignty over Macau
Portuguese Transferência da soberania de Macau

Who liberated Hong Kong in ww2?

the Imperial Japanese Army

Hong Kong was handed over by the Imperial Japanese Army to the Royal Navy on 30 August 1945; British control over Hong Kong was thus restored. 30 August was declared as “Liberation Day” (Chinese: 重光紀念日), and was a public holiday in Hong Kong until 1997.

Why did Canada lose the battle of Hong Kong?

Another 264 would die over the next four years, amid the inhumane conditions of Japanese prisoner-of-war camps. Hong Kong was the first place Canadians fought a land battle in the Second World War.
Canada and the Battle of Hong Kong.

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