Marcus Livius Drusus Claudianus

Marcus Livius Livius Drusus Claudianus (Latin, Marcus Livius Drusus Claudianus; d. 42 BC) was a Roman politician and military man of the first century BC, father of the Empress Livia Drusila. He fought on the side of the liberators at the battle of Philippi.


Claudianus was a member of the family of the Claudius Pulchus by birth, but was adopted by Marcus Livius Drusus, tribune of the plebs in 91 B.C. He married Alphidia, daughter of a provincial aristocrat of Fundi, with whom he had a daughter: Livia Drusila. Lacking male heirs, he adopted a member of the Libonian Scribonians who took the name of Marcus Livius Drusus Libon.

Public career

He is first mentioned in 59 B.C. among the supporters of the triumvirs when he was waiting to enter on an embassy to Egypt. He occupied the pretura in 55 or 50 B.C. In the latter year he presided over a judicial process governed by the Scantinian Law, although he may also have presided over it in the capacity of iudex quaestionis.

After the death of Julius Caesar, he joined the liberators and fought on their side in the battle of Philippi. He committed suicide after the defeat.

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