What are some of earliest examples of independent journalism?

What were the earliest form of journalism?

The earliest known journalistic product was a news sheet circulated in ancient Rome: the Acta Diurna, said to date from before 59 bce. The Acta Diurna recorded important daily events such as public speeches. It was published daily and hung in prominent places.

What are examples of independent media?

Independent media refers to any media, such as television, newspapers or Internet-based publications, that is free of influence by government or corporate interests.

What was the name of the first independent newspaper in the colonies?

On September 25, 1690, the first colonial newspaper in America, Publick Occurrences Both Forreign and Domestick, was published in Boston.

What are the examples of journalism?

The definition of journalism is the work of finding, creating, editing and publishing news, or material written and presented for a newspaper, magazine or broadcast news source. An example of journalism is the work of a newspaper. The collecting, writing, editing, and presenting of news or news articles.

What is independence journalism?

Media independence is the absence of external control and influence on an institution or individual working in the media. It is a measure of its capacity to “make decisions and act according to its own logic,” and distinguishes independent media from state media.

What is an independent source in journalism?

An “independent” source is one that has no vested interest in the subject. For example, the independent source will not earn any extra money by convincing readers of its viewpoint.

What is the earliest and oldest newspaper in the world?

In Austria the Wiener Zeitung was started in 1703 and is considered to be the oldest surviving daily newspaper in the world.

What is the name of the Independent newspaper that Benjamin Franklin created?

The Pennsylvania Gazette was founded in 1728 and ceased publication in 1800. On October 2, 1729 Benjamin Franklin and his partner Hugh Meredith seized the opportunity to purchase the Pennsylvania Gazette from Samuel Keimer.

What was in the earliest newspapers?

The oldest direct handwritten news sheets circulated widely in Venice as early as 1566. These weekly news sheets were full of information on wars and politics in Italy and Europe. The first printed newspapers were published weekly in Germany from 1609.

What are the 4 types of journalism?

There are five principal types of journalism: investigative, news, reviews, columns and feature writing.

What are the four types of journalistic writing?

Types of Journalistic Writing

  • Investigative journalism aims to discover the truth about a topic, person, group or event. …
  • News journalism reports facts, as they emerge. …
  • Feature writing provides a deeper look at events, people or topics, and offer a new perspective. …
  • Columns are the personal opinions of the writer.

What is the history of journalism?

The history of journalism spans the growth of technology and trade, marked by the advent of specialized techniques for gathering and disseminating information on a regular basis that has caused, as one history of journalism surmises, the steady increase of “the scope of news available to us and the speed with which it

Who had the earliest recorded printed newspaper?

The newspaper is a comparatively modern medium of communication. The Roman newsletter that recorded the work of the Senate as early as 449 B.C. was an ancestor of the newspaper. The Ti Chan was the first recorded newspaper printed from type.

Who made the first newspaper?

Johann Carolus

The first weekly newspaper was published in Germany by Johann Carolus in 1604. Called Relation aller Fürnemmen und gedenckwürdigen Historien, the publication satisfied the four tenets of a “true” newspaper: Accessibility by the public. Published at a regular interval (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)

Which is the oldest newspaper which is still published is?

Post-och Inrikes Tidningar (1645)

A Swedish government daily newspaper and gazette, the Post-och Inrikes Tidningar or ‘Post and Domestic Times’ has been in circulation for over four centuries. Founded and published in 1645, it has become the oldest newspaper to still be published.

Why is independent media important?

Free, independent media allow the public to make informed decisions, hold leaders accountable and hear a diversity of opinions — all free of government influence.

What is meant by independent media class 7?

Answer: An independent media means that no one should control and influence its coverage of news. No one should tell the media what can be included and what should not be included in a news story. It means that the media should not be under any one’s pressure. It will be totally independent.

Why is it important for the media to be independent?

An independent media is very important because it is on the basis of the information that the media provides that we take action as citizens. Hence, it essential that this information is reliable. It should be biased at all.

Who owns independent media South Africa?

Sekunjalo Investments owns 55% of the company via its subsidiary Sekunjalo Independent Media, the Public Investment Corporation of South Africa owns 25%, and two Chinese state-owned enterprises (China International Television Corporation and the China Africa Development Fund) own the remaining 20% of the newspaper.

What publications are owned by independent media?

IOL has a wide publisher network and hosts the digital offerings of some of South Africa’s most prominent and storied newspapers including The Star, Pretoria News, Daily News, The Mercury, Cape Times, Cape Argus, Weekend Argus, Sunday Independent, Saturday Star, Independent on Saturday and Sunday Tribune.

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