What is the earliest example of the usage of ‘Nazis’ to refer clearly and exclusively to the National-Socialists?

What are the main features of Nazism?

The peculiar features of Nazism were (i) Nazis believed in the idea of one people, one empire and one leader. (ii) It did not tolerate other parties and tried to crush all other organizations and parties and wanted to remove socialism, communism and democracy from Germany.

What does the German word volksgemeinschaft mean?

Volksgemeinschaft, (German: “people’s community”) in Nazi Germany, a racially unified and hierarchically organized body in which the interests of individuals would be strictly subordinate to those of the nation, or Volk.

What does Nsdap stand for?

National Socialist German Workers’ Party

The Nazi Party was the radical far-right movement and political party led by Adolf Hitler. Its formal name was the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nationalsozialistische deutsche Arbeiterpartei or NSDAP). Nazi ideology was racist, nationalist, and anti-democratic.

What is German Volk?

unit of mankind was the Volk (“the people”), of which the German people was the greatest. Moreover, he believed that the state existed to serve the Volk—a mission that to him the Weimar German Republic betrayed.

What does the word Sonderweg mean and how does it apply to Germany?

Sonderweg (German: [ˈzɔndɐˌveːk], “special path“) identifies the theory in German historiography that considers the German-speaking lands or the country of Germany itself to have followed a course from aristocracy to democracy unlike any other in Europe.

Why did the DAP change its name to Nsdap?

To try to make the party more popular the DAP changed its name on 24 February 1920 to the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. The name was borrowed from a different Austrian party active at the time (Deutsche Nationalsozialistische Arbeiterpartei).

What does Schutzstaffel mean in German?

Protective Echelon

Founded in 1925, the “Schutzstaffel,” German for “Protective Echelon,” initially served as Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler’s (1889-1945) personal bodyguards, and later became one of the most powerful and feared organizations in all of Nazi Germany.

Is Germany socialist?

Section 1, Article 1: “The German Democratic Republic is a socialist state of workers and peasants. It is the political organization of the working people of town and country under the leadership of the working class and its Marxist-Leninist party”.

Who used the term das Volk?

Das Volk (pronounced [das fɔlk], “The People“) was a daily newspaper published from Berlin, Germany. It was the central organ of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD). The first issue of Das Volk was published on 7 July 1945.

How do you spell Wolf in German?

wolf → Wolf, Wölfin, Papagallo.

What did Volk stand for?

Das Volk stands for common people.

What does SS mean on Instagram?

Screen Shot” is anothercommon definition for SS. SS. Definition: Screen Shot.

Can I SS meaning?

SS usually means “screenshot” over text and other chatting platforms.

What Colour was the SS uniform?


The SS uniform was all black, as opposed to the Wehrmacht’s field grey, giving it an air of crispness and power exclusive only to black dress. In addition to the same elegant effects of the Wehrmacht uniform, the SS uniform added its own ingredient of fear to the fashion of the Third Reich.

What does the SS skull mean?

Nazi Germany
According to a writing by Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler, the Totenkopf had the following meaning: The Skull is the reminder that you shall always be willing to put your self at stake for the life of the whole community.

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