What led to the alternate definition of secularism in India?

What is the origin of secularism in India?

With the Forty-second Amendment of the Constitution of India enacted in 1976, the Preamble to the Constitution asserted that India is a secular nation. However, the Supreme Court of India in the 1994 case S. R. Bommai v. Union of India established the fact that India was secular since the formation of the republic.

What is the concept of secularism in India?

The Indian Constitution embodies the positive concept of secularism, i.e., giving equal respect to all religions or protecting all religions equally. Secularism is a fundamental reality of India’s fabric hence any state government pursuing anti-secular politics is liable to action under Article 356.

What is the origin of secularism?

The origin of the concept of secularism can be traced to the political condition of the eighteen centuries in the European state. The word secularism was invented by Holyoake but in the context of the dispute between Church and State.

Which is the most important reason to consider India as a secular state?

Complete Answer: In India religion is separated from politics, it means that the government of India does not affiliate itself with any particular religion unlike Pakistan which is an Islamic state.

Who coined the term secularism in India?

The British writer George Holyoake (1817–1906) employed the term “secularism” in 1851.

How Indian secularism is different from European secularism?

The Western concept of Secularism does not believe in an open display of religion except for places of worship. In India, all expression of Religion is manifested equally with support from the state.

How Indian secularism is different from other countries?

While Western secularism focuses only on Church-state separation, the minorities often face issues that the state can’t handle right away. This is different in terms of Indian secularism. Indian secularism allows religions and beliefs to coexist peacefully without interfering in their affairs.

Who first introduced secularism?

reformer George Jacob Holyoake

While the concept itself has deep historical roots, the term secularism itself dates only to the 19th century, when it was coined by British reformer George Jacob Holyoake.

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