What (primary) sources are there on the life of female slaves in Classical Greece, more specifically Athens?

What was the main source of slaves in classical Greece?

Slaves in Athens were acquired in three primary ways: war, piracy, and trade. Enslaving war captives was a common practice in ancient Greece. Most slaves acquired from war were probably non-Greek, although it is probable that Athens also enslaved some Greeks as a result of wars.

What are primary sources in ancient Athens?

Ancient Greece

  • ASCSA Digital Library.
  • Beazley Archive.
  • Collected Dialogues of Plato.
  • Complete Works of Aristotle.
  • Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum.
  • Little Sailing: Ancient Greek Texts.
  • Poinikastas. Epigraphic sources for early Greek writing.

What did female slaves do in Athens?

Female slaves served as maids, nurses, and cooks, and there were craftsmen, artists, musicians, and others who were enslaved but could live a decent life and earn income, as well. Craftsmen who worked with their masters lived in their own quarters and earned their income at free will.

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