What was the penalty for disobeying flu safety regulations in the 1918 epidemic?

What were the consequences of the 1918 influenza pandemic?

In the United States, the flu’s toll was much lower: a 1.5 percent decline in GDP and a 2.1 percent drop in consumption. The decline in economic activity combined with elevated inflation resulted in large declines in the real returns on stocks and short-term government bonds.

What was the public response to the 1918 flu?

When influenza appeared in the United States in 1918, Americans responded to the incursion of disease with measures used since Antiquity, such as quarantines and social distancing. During the pandemic’s zenith, many cities shut down essential services.

What were the consequences of the 1918 influenza pandemic in New Zealand?

While the First World War claimed the lives of more than 18,000 New Zealand soldiers over four years, the second wave of the 1918 influenza epidemic killed about 9000 people in less than two months. Death did not occur evenly throughout the country. Some communities were decimated; others escaped largely unscathed.

Why was the influenza pandemic of 1918 a consequence of ww1?

Influenza and pneumonia killed more American soldiers and sailors during the war than did enemy weapons. In the fall of 1918, U.S. Army and Navy medical officers in camps across the country presided over the worst epidemic in American history, but the story was not new.

What restrictions were placed during the Spanish flu?

These measures include closing schools, shops, and restaurants; placing restrictions on transportation; mandating social distancing, and banning public gatherings.

Can you still get the Spanish flu?

Does the Spanish flu still exist? The Spanish flu pandemic is over, but similar influenza viruses are still active.

How many people died in the 1918 flu pandemic in NZ?

about 9000 people

The lethal influenza pandemic that struck New Zealand between October and December 1918 killed about 9000 people in two months. No other event has claimed so many New Zealand lives in such a short time. The 1918 influenza pandemic was commonly referred to as ‘the Spanish flu’, but it did not originate in Spain.